Odyssey to South of the Clouds ...(p6) - Puda Cuo National Park, Shangri-la

Shudu Lake
Puda Cuo National Park,
Zhongdian / Shangri-la, Yunnan
April 2015

at more than 3000m altitude, night in Shangri-la pretty close felt like being in a freezer, and more if the wind blew. well..that was the case if you were wandering outside. the room, instead, was awesome, and equipped with heater, as well as the heated-mattress.

TI was caught by the sickness as we got back from the Old Town Square, and it worried me a little bit, as i knew how it'd go, if it get worsen. we didn't go out for the dinner, but settled with the instant noddles and meat-floss (serunding) that i brought from home. i went to see Becky after the dinner, to confirm on the next day plan. she proposed to us plenty of options to fill in the day:
  • a day trip to Puda Cuo National Park
  • a day trip to Shika Snow Mountain
  • Songzanlin Monastery and around
despite my default excitement to visit Puda Cuo, half of my heart was leaning towards visiting the monastery as wanted to memograph the Tibetan style grande' monastery. Becky told us there'd be entrance fee to get into the complex, instead of my earlier thought that this monastery located in the middle of the city, and openly accessible by public.

we opted out Shika Snow Mountain, as we were planning to do the same when visiting Lijiang later i.e. ride to the peak of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. we made our decision, and booked the transportation to the national park etc. once everything is confirmed, we bid farewell to the night. yes. it had been long days since our last proper bed time.

the day began early, with a hearty breakfast at the inn cafe. anyway...the breakfast was not included in the room's price and we have to pay. it was quite pricey at 20 RMB for the meal and hot drink.

Becky told us the driver already arrived as we just done with our breakfast. we met him, and Becky told him few things etc. luckily the guy, which i forgot his name, able to converse in english, eventhough not that fluent.

we left the inn, and were driven to the old-town square first, to buy the entrance ticket at one of the agent there. and voila...as told by Becky - 250RMB....hehe.. this better be good.

we left the old-town, and ride to the national park, which located about an-hour from the city itself. 

as we bought the tickets already, our driver told us we could just go straight to queue for the eco-bus. ah..something caught my eyes...the pigs and dogs were wandering around the entrance like their playground. awkwardly cautious moment for me. next, we had to walk through the building where there were shops selling snacks, drinks and souvenirs before reaching the entrance to queue for the eco-bus.

we didn't have to wait long for the eco-bus, as there was only a group of visitors in front of us while queuing. so here we go, the bus ride to the first stop - Shudu Lake. the ride took about 20 minutes, visitors were briefed by a lady staff, throughout the ride. 

unfortunately, the 'script' was only in chinese.

i turned to her to ask something as we arrived at the Shudu Lake, and guess what...she looked at TI and spoke something in chinese, and then just went back to the bus, as unable to entertain to my question.

the whole situation left me stunned.

we decided to just follow the crowd. fortunately, the information board was there to guide us where to go.yes. there was information written in english too.

so we began our walked, following the wooden walkway built along the lake. from end to end, the total distance was about 4km, if i've not mistaken.

enjoy the pics.

despite it was the time, spring apparently didn't make a distinctive present, as the whole landscape looked dry. the green that i sought seemed bland, and unable to lighten up every photo that i took. there was no colourful flowers blooming, as i was imagined, when looking at the pictures from google.

we told Becky about our experience, and she told us that it was summer where the place, and the region, perhaps, have its landscape alive! and we were just earlier by few weeks.

we arrived at the end of the wooden walkways of Shudu Lake, and then took the eco-bus to the next lake i.e. Bita Lake. the bus made a quick stop to view the park Militang Pasture from the sightseeing planked passage built. we were out of luck, again, because of the dry season, but we could see the livestock wandering around the pasture - yak, cows and horses.

the eco-bus then made a stop at Bita Lake, where there was another 3km wooden walkway for visitors to trek. before that, we had our lunch. a simple lunch - bread, serunding and bananas that we bought in Kunming the day before.

so another 3km trekking, along the shore of Bita Lake.
enjoy the pics.

the 2nd half of the trip seemed a bit dreary as it was almost the same vibe of view the trail offered. in fact, it was gloomy and we even had hail falls before the light shower, while we were in the middle of the trail.

we finally arrived at the end of the trail of Bita Lake, and went straight to wait for the eco-bus that would take us to the park centre. at this point of time, TI apparently get caught by the altitude sickness again. obviously, it could happen as Puda Cuo National Park itself is located at higher altitude than the Shangri-la town itself, as high as 3700m altitude at certain point within the park.

things went fast after that.we went straight to the ride, as we arrived at the park centre, didn't make any stop at the souvenirs shops, tourist centre etc.

TI was totally flat this time, and had to lay down. even our driver was worried, and told me that TI looked pale. we had to skip our plan to visit the new-town for lunch, and went straight to the inn.

lunch was simple - brahims, and i bought bowls of rice from the inn cafe to be eaten with the chicken curry.

TI had to the rest, but i went out again that evening, visiting the old-town and also the square till the night fall. 

my verdict on the visit to the national park - probably we were there not at the right time. i mean it was still in dry season, and gloomy day. i saw pictures that actually truly depict the place as the lost-horizon - green with flowers blooming everywhere. i wish the entrance fee could be cheaper...or if they could offer separate ticket for both Shudu and Bita lake, as some might not want to spend the whole day for sake of making the ticket paid worth by visiting all attractions there. 



  1. Assalam Yeop
    Drebar tu baik kan.
    Keringnye persekitaran Taman Negara tu...not the right season la kene kat you

    1. wsalam kak. yeap drebar tu baik and okla bole borak2 bahse scotland dgn dia. cuma tula...ingatkan spring time tempat tu start blooming with flowers and greens...hehe..rupenye spring time dia ..dry

  2. cuaca memang sendu sendu ke area ni?

    1. xlah. time aku pegi jer sendu2. hehe

  3. nampak cam sunyi je tempat ni..

    1. low season...mmg sepi sket.

  4. Kau tak kena ke altitude sickness gip?


    1. Alhamdulillah bro. tak kena. survived.


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