Odyssey to South of the Clouds...(p4) - Yak meat for lunch!

Kevin's Trekker Inn
Shangri-La, Zhongdian, Yunnan
April 2015

the dogs barked, loudly, as we tried to open the gate. and even one running towards us. the story of ASP and buddy dealt with the over-friendly wolf-like dog of the place struck me and i asked us to back off, and waited for somebody to open the gate for us. i saw a lady ran towards us. it was Becky, the owner of the inn, and she helped to calm the dogs and welcoming us to the inn.

we settled our payment with the driver, and then dragged our luggage straightaway to the room, as told by Becky. she already prepared the room ready for us. it was no rush as Becky told us to settle down first and then came to the reception later whenever we are ok. she understood that we were tired.

anyway, nothing other than having a proper meal came to our mind, as we laid ourselves for a while on the comfy beds of the inn. we went to see and ask Becky, about any muslim's restaurant around the area. Alhamdulillah...there were few along the road near the place. Becky told us we could spot the muslim's restaurant with its green colour signboard, the curvy words (arabic calligraph) and the air-dried meat hung all over the walls or the entrance of the shop.

we walked down towards (it was a bit hilly towards the inn) the old-town, and spotted the 2 shops that met the criteria mentioned by Becky, and we went to the bigger one. as entering the shop, the lady talked to us like we were locals. we gave the sign that we didn't understand, and asked for menu thingy etc. she just pointed us towards the cabinet next to the kitchen, gave a sign to us to pick anything that we wanted her to cook. 

we tried to communicate and asking (obviously in english), and got frustrated with the level of understanding we had towards each other, plus the not so friendly vibe of the lady of the shop. 

we decided to walk out from the place and went to the next door's restaurant.
it was a smaller shop, and there was a lady inside waiting, and then greeted us with a smile. we looked around and again gave a sign - asking for the menu, but she pointed to us the cabinet. we went towards it and looked around - vegetables, and then we asked about the meat - beef?... she took a bowl from the kitchen and showed us the meat, and quoted - Yak!...wow. and exotic meal for the first proper meal of the trip..and we couldn't agree more to try. we nodded an agreement, and she pointed to the vegetables - asking us to pick any to be cooked. we chose broccoli.
i gave the sign to her that i wanted to enter the kitchen, and was allowed to see her doing her cooking. i pointed towards the rice bowl and she nodded, sort of telling that it'd be served together with the Yak meat and the broccoli.
it took a while, and finally our meal was served.we couldn't ask that much, and just let the cook decided on how to cook the meat and vegetable. and both were stir fried, hence served to us.
verdict? it was our first proper meal since the past 30hours, and generally the cooking was good. i thought it'd be bland, but there was plenty of chilies there, and it gave bump to the taste. 

btw, i don't feel any distinctive taste between Yak Meat and beef, other than less tender.
the meal cost us around 60 yuan. yes...it was pricey. probably because of the Yak Meat.

we left the shop, and walked back to the inn. it was time to rest, after almost 30hours of journey to this land of lost horizon.



  1. yang bergantung2 tu apa? ada bau tak masuk kedai makan tu agip?

    1. yg tu daging yg dah dilapah. diaorg air-dry jer..xyah masuk peti sbb kat sana sejuk and dry. and seingat aku xde bau yg x menyenangkan bile masuk kedai tu. hehe

  2. Akak takkan lupa cara anjing tu nak menerkam my anak buah....menggigil lutut dibuatnya...
    Rajin hang hapdet blog bulan2 puasa ni ya...

    1. 2 ekoq tu..rupenya manja2 kak...once saya dh masuk kat kevin's trekker tu..cam xde la nk menyalak etc. hehe. anyway.ni pun malas benarnye kak..gagahkan diri jer sbb banyak lagi backlog nih.

  3. Scarynya tengok makanan tergantung tu.

    1. haha. mcm slaughter house plak kan.


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