going paradise - adieu Semporna ...

Selakan Island
Tun Sakaran Marine Park
January 2015

our last evening in Selakan felt a bit quiet as Ruby and Edy already left. it was only me and pojie that occupied the homestay for the night. dinner was quick as we both didn't have much to talk, and decided to watch series from my tablet. Ibnu only went back to the island after maghrib, as sending both Ruby and Edy to Semporna.

as usual, when it was the last night of your vacation, the mood swing crept in as you start thinking about the rat race life that you gotta deal with later. especially with this kind of beach holiday, where you reboot your life to a lower speed-clock for a while. hehehe.

anyway, Ibnu told us that there'd be a Maulidur Rasul celebration tomorrow and we could join the event tomorrow before going back to Semporna.

another calm morning in Selakan. i went out and wander along the wooden bridge with my camera and tripod, memographing the moment, while waiting for the breakfast. after a while, i saw the kids coming bringing the breakfast and we asked them to put it at the verandah.

i was having a breakfast at the verandah when i saw a boat coming towards Selakan - a father and a daughter in her school uniform. apparently he didn't get the news that the school would only be opened on the later week due to the flood-incident that happened in our country that time. i was in a way touched, seeing the effort and spirit of the people here, regardless their condition, that still wanted their kids to at least still going to school and learnt.

and after that too, i only knew that Ibnu works as the school guard during the school term. 

done with breakfast, we got ourselves ready to join the celebration. Ibnu came to the homestay and took us to his house while waiting for the event. the mosque was just in front of Ibnu's house and we saw the villagers started to gather in front of the gate. apparently, the Maulidur Rasul was the also the time where the locals had this 'cukur jambul' for their newborns. 

'orang kampung yang kerja jauh pun balik bang. biasanya meriah jugak macam hari raya' Ibnu told us, hence explained the excitement that i could see - people dressed in baju melayu, kids gathering around etc.

and i found it amusing too, when seeing each family prepared the gifts to their newborns - hampers, candies etc. some even made a house replica etc. from the sweets and candies. well...eventhough the toddlers had to wait for another years to enjoy it...hehehe

anyway..the event started with a small parade of the celebrated toddlers, together with 'selawat' to prophet Muhammad S.A.W and then a gathering in front of the mosque till the selawat finished. then the organizer started throwing bunch of the candies/coins ( i think including beras pulut kot) to the crowd etc. and that was when everybody especially kids got excited, trying to collect the candies and coins etc.

the ceremony continued with the 'cukur jambul' part in the mosque and this one was done by the old-folks who were the relatives to the toddlers. we thought of just staying outside and taking a peek through the windows, but then Ibnu called us to join the event inside.

Mohd Fathir Afjal ...Ibnu's son..and guess what the nickname that they gave to this 1 year old kid - Black. hehehe..kesian ko dik..awal2 lagi dah dapat nickname gitu.

anyway..more pictures from the ceremony.

we wanted to leave once the ceremony completed, but then we were invited to join the feast together with the locals. one of them, which i've forgotten the name - let us name him as Ahmad, was the one that insisted us to join. he thought us people from tourism board etc.  as i was busy photographing the ceremony etc.

Ahmad shared with us some insights about the village and the people of Selakan. one of the interesting facts that he shared on the need for the Jabatan Islam Sabah to continue their effort here, as one of the things that i found it amusing that, the old-folks of the island used to rely on the old-books and texts from Sulu Sultanate, including the Friday prayer sermon. 

He joked that ... no wonder people of Sulu still trying to invade Sabah as the some of the people are still praying for the good and healthiness of the Sultanate etc.

Ahmad took us to wander around the other part of the island after the meal. he brought us to visit the school area, and also the solar-panel station next to school, where it is the main source of the electricity to the village.

we went back to our room, once bid our farewell to Ahmad. it was already noon and it was low tide. Ibnu told us we could leave around 2pm once the water allow the boat to pass.

there was power outage while we were in the room, doing our last minute packing etc. and we decided to just wait at the veranda. it was too hot to be in the room. i was almost asleep as it was so calm and relaxing.

Ibnu came back around 12pm and brought us lunch - the same food that we ate at the ceremony earlier. we had it together with Ibnu, Long and Abu at the veranda.

we left Selakan Island around 2pm, after had our jama' pray, and as the water level back to the level. Abu joined us this time.

we arrived Semporna and bid farewell to Ibnu. it was still early as we promised Mail that we'd be meeting him around 330pm. we decided to wait him at Nafisah restaurant.

Mail arrived as per plan, and we left Semporna to Tawau Airport. it was another long journey, and spent with sleeping, if  not listening to the 90's rock kapak song from Mail's radio. Mail told us he had pretty bad sunburn, after went to the Sibuan Island yesterday. hehe.

we left Tawau as per scheduled. it was a bumpy ride, especially the part of the journey where the plane felt like dropping few metres and caused everybody in the flight panicked and screaming. i even couldn't sleep throughout the journey because of it.


we safely landed KLIA2 around 930pm.

overall...it was my best 'beach-island' break so far. way better than redang and tioman. the place - islands, underwater, people - was breathtaking..and made me wanting to come again. definitely...


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