going paradise - Sibuan Island ...

Selakan Island
Tun Sakaran Marine Park
January 2015

another day in Selakan Island. we didn't do much last night other than having a good meal - grilled fish, steamed rice etc., and then sat at the verandah and had a long chat, sharing stories as usual. Anyway, we had a couple from eastern europe, joining us at the homestay.

it was a clear night, with full moon etc., hence no point of stargazing if the sky was that bright. me and pojie then decided to go back to our room, and then continued watching the series that i had in my tablet.

next day started early as usual. we had early breakfast and then prepared ourselves for the snorkeling/diving trip to Sibuan Island. the eastern europe couple didn't join us as they left after the breakfast.

the ride to Sibuan Island took a while...i didn't remember how long, but it felt longer compared to Mantabuan. the island itself is another piece of land in the middle of sea. as as we arrived, it was gloomy and i thought we had to cancel the trip because it looked like gonna be a heavy rain etc.

but then, there were few boats also there already started their diving session. i wandered along the beach and then went back to the boat as Ibnu's moving the boat to the other side of the Island. we were going to snorkel /dive from the middle, not from the beach like in Mantabuan. but then, it was not that far (from the beach).

after a while, a sound of boat engine broke the calmness. it was a high speed boat from Semporna, chauffeuring a big group. Ibnu said, probably it was chartered for a big local families. and yes...seeing endless people came our from the boat made me surprise, how many were them in the boat. 
we heard somebody shouting and running towards our boat. it was Mail, our driver that drove us from the airport to Semporna, and he was part of the group.

'Jalan2 weekend bang!'

okeh...enjoy the pictures...

it was another beautiful Island indeed. the water was so clear and the underwater world  was wonderful to my eyes. the problem that i noted, as quoted by Ruby too, there were a lot of hard corals at the shallow water, making it a bit unsafe to swim if ones unable to maneuver swiftly.

anyway, i was almost drowned myself this time. i jumped from the boat, once i got my mask on the face and the fin, and straightaway swam towards the center. as i stopped and trying to change my direction etc. i just realized i forgot my life jacket and was panicked for a while. obviously, i was sinking.


i turned back my body and then quickly swam towards the boat. yes...i can swim, but i just don't know how to float myself.

the clan on the boat was surprised to see me, and even Pojie could tell that something wrong. i just giggled and asked him my life jacket.

Ibnu had my underwater camera this time and went to dive deeper. and from the video that he took, it was breathtaking. i think on Sibuan side where we snorkel and dive, there were a lot of hard corals vs. other type. Ibnu managed to spot a turtle and followed it swam all over the place.


we had to cut short our trip to Sibuan, as Ruby and Edy were leaving for Sandakan that afternoon. we didn't even have our picnic lunch there as rode back to Selakan in the middle of afternoon.Once arrived, me and Pojie had our lunch, while they packed up their stuff, checked out from the homestay and then left the Island. 

as usual, we spent our afternoon till the sun down enjoying the pace of life at Selakan Island. Ibnu went back from sending Ruby and Edy to Semporna, and joined us at the verandah. i helped him to copy the pictures and videos he took to his laptop.

ah...we were going back on the next day...



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