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Selakan Island
January 2015

it is relatively unknown to island goers.Only part of the island is occupied by the locals which mainly bajau. some part of the island, is occupied by the sea gypsy which also know as bajau laut. there's no fancy resort or anything there, just a 3-4 units of basic homestay, managed by the locals...and in this case by Nasip and Ibnu's family, if i've not mistaken. 

when Amin proposed us to stay there for our trip, i had only a glimpse of hesitation. all because i only knew Mabul and Kapalai and few resorts (budget and fancy), and the thought of how things would be when staying at unknown place. i googled etc. and couldn't find much about people going and staying there. but again, it was only a glimpse as i was more excited, to try something new and being guest to the locals...

(alah..org Malaysia jugak kan bah?) hehehe.

we arrived Selakan Island around 12pm, after almost half-an-hour ride from Semporna jetty. yes...i couldn't resist the feeling of jumping into the water around the island which was so clear, but then ..as i don't know how to float without the life jacket...i just held my temptation. 

as mentioned, it was a basic homestay...but i think good enough for us. meals were provided as part of the package and cooked by Ibnu's wife - breakfast, lunch, tea break and dinner. and they even provided a free flow of hot drink (DIY). hehehe.

ah..the toilet/shower however was still under construction...well...it was on hold due to some issues...and we had to use the common ones outside the room.


it was late already for us to stick to our original plan - hiking Bohey Dulang. and Ibnu told us the weather was not that good earlier and it may not be recommended to hike Bohey Dulang. we agreed only to pay a visit there and snorkel nearby. but before that...we had our lunch.

we met Ibnu again around 2pm, after had our jama' prayer. the snorkeling gear and life jackets were included in our package, but this time i got to use my own power mask that i bought earlier. this time we were joined by Ibnu's brother's in law, who we called Abu. He's still a secondary school student at one of the schools in Semporna, and since the school break was extended due to flood, he got to tag along.

the ride to Bohey Dulang took almost half an hour, and we had to register ourselves first, at the park office as we arrived. there was a hatchery farm for giant clam and abalone, managed by the locals under the marine park supervision there. worth to pay a visit.

once done, we went back to the jetty, and to our boat, hence gearing up ourselves for the snorkeling session.

the water was a bit murky and the corals and sea creatures there were not that interesting to be seen.there was a lot of sea urchins.i saw a school of trevally fish wandering around. 

i didn't dare to swim further on the deeper side of the water...as it looked like a sudden change of depth, that made the area down there looked darker. hehehe.

 we done with the snorkeling after a while. i think it was almost an-hour we were there. we packed up our stuff and rode back to Selakan Island.

we had shower and then was told that the tea break was ready. Ibnu's wife made us kuih which we didn't have any idea what was the name etc. it taste a bit spicy, when you bit the dark part/filling.

#sapataunamakuihnisilebagitau - Kuih Cempiang!

Ibnu left the island and rode to Semporna back. he told us there'd be another group that'd be staying at the homestay.

we spent the rest of the afternoon, till dark, watching the kids of Selakan enjoying their late afternoon - wandering along the wooden path, swimming around and rowing their small canoes etc.even at certain point, they got naughty by trying to sink each other canoes etc.

their laughter that broke the late afternoon calmness, made me smile, as to note how carefree life could be at that point of time.

there wasn't sunset as the sky was gloomy, and it was raining heavily that night. we bid farewell to the day/night, after had our dinner and a quick chat with Ruby and Edy, the newly arrived guest.

till then ...


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