going paradise - ride to Selakan Island

Semporna Mosque
January 2015

it was Friday morning and our day started early with hunting for breakfast. despite the fact that the day at this side of the world  is ahead of us in peninsular malaysia, it was quite surprised to know that we had to wait for a while for the restaurants around the waterfront to open. even Nafisah Restaurant that we went the night before was still closed.

we wandered around the waterfront for a while, memoraphing the early morning scent of the place. it was a beautiful morning indeed.

we had breakfast at one of the restaurants there and too bad, Nasi Lemak was not a thing here. we had Nasi Kuning for breakfast. taste almost like nasi lemak, with the sambal etc. , but i added fried chicken to the menu. somehow the Nasi Kuning reminded me Nasi Kuning with sambal ikan-tongkol, that i had back in my hometown.

we went back to the hotel, packed our stuff and then made an early check-out. Amin told us that our boat to Selakan would be around 9am. i called Nasip, the guy that we supposed to meet at the jetty to confirm on the exact location to wait, and it was positive. i mean...we'd be leaving at 9am and meeting him inside the jetty. it was still 15 minutes to go, and we decided to wait at Nafisah restaurant.

we sat at the table outside as we didn't want to drag our backpacks etc. , but it was not a wise decision as we'd been the target of the filipino immigrants (kids) for money etc.


it was kind of annoying as they were persistent, nagging etc. but luckily Amin already warned us not to bother them at all.

we waited, and i just realized i already had 3 glasses iced-milo, and Nasip had not called us yet. i called him, and somehow a different message surfaced - our trip to Selakan would be delayed for various reason - from the fact that the low tide that did not permitted the boat to leave the island and we had to wait for another group etc. i was totally pissed off listening to such explanation as Amin made it clear to us that we paid higher because it'd be a private for us etc.

i called Amin again, and explaining the changed situation, rambling whether what Nasip told us made any sense or not etc. Finally, we managed to settle the dispute.

we finally met Nasip around 11am and also Ibnu, our boatman. i made the payment for the package to Nasip, as instructed by Amin and then we waited for Ibnu went to buy the gasoline for the boat.

finally, we left Semporna for the island. ah. the clear blue sky and windy afternoon made the ride to the island felt perfect.

somehow, along the journey, the ride became a bit bumpy and we realized the holder that kept our documents i.e. itinerary and marine park permit accidentally dropped into the water.Ibnu made a quick turn and grabbed the holder before it went down to the bottom of the sea.

i put the wet documents on the boat bench, to dry it during the ride and as the ride went faster, the papers went all over the place, hence to the water again! and we only managed to save the copy of the permit, while the original document sunk to the bottom of the sea.


the water was getting shallower as we approaching the islands, and i was so excited to see the water. it was breathtakingly clear and i felt like jumping into it !

and we finally arrived Selakan Island...where we'd be staying for the next 4 nights days.


  1. aku pun minum di kedai yang sama.. mcm tak sedap je menu menu dia.. rasa pelik skit mknn dia org ni kan.

    4 malam di selakan? lama tu.... cepat sambung

    1. ha ah..pelik sket taste makanan diaorg neh. hehe
      silap tulis plak...4 days..bukan for nites..correction. hehe


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