going paradise - hiking Bohey Dulang (p2)

Bohey Dulang & Bodgaya
Tun Sakaran Marine Park
January 2015

the vision fed by all resources of the world, enough to convince me to put hiking to one of the peaks of the island and breathing the vista, in my to-do list IF i were to travel to this region. However, it was kind a low season and with almost everybody decided to flock mabul and do snorkeling or diving thing, i had difficult time to justify to the operators to arrange a trip to this place. and yes. Amin came as savior, vaguely and we secured the trip in our 4d3n itinerary.

the hike was planned to be done on the 1st day of our trip, but we made decision to bring it to 2nd day as the weather was much better. ah...this time, Edy, the guy that arrived last night at our homestay would be joining us for the hike. Ruby, however, decided to wait at the jetty, preparing for their dive session for that morning.

'aku tak larat la bah!'

yes ruby. noted.

it was raining heavily last night and i think only stopped when it was almost morning. i was worried the bad weather would be continued till the day.i woke up and did my subuh. it was still gloomy and i decided to go back, lied down on my mattress and i think i fall asleep again.

i woke up again, and went to the back of the room, and opened the door. Alhamdulillah...the day was getting better.

a calm morning with only sound of the water, and clear blue sky ? whatelse i could i ask. hehe. i just fall in love with the place.

it was still early, and i decided to wander along the wooden path that connected the houses, while waiting for the breakfast. Ruby already woke up and went to the jetty as trying to get the clear signal for her phone. my digi line bar seemed almost non-existence, and somehow made a perfect sense for me. sounds pathetic, but i felt closer to the place, as i gave up on trying to update my current status on my instagram and entertaining group's whatsapp etc.

we had breakfast prepared by Ibnu's wife. just a simple breakfast - fried mee, eggs and some local kuih and teh tarik. once done, we got ready for trip of the day. this time another kid joined us, one of Ibnu's relatives. can't recall his exact name, but he introduced himself as Long. i think he was the same age as Abu, but apparently he's among those kids that no longer going to school.

so ...7 of us...riding to our first destination - Bohey Dulang. as before, the ride took almost half an hour before we reached the jetty. Ruby decided to stay and preparing herself and the gear, as she planned to do a short diving around Bohey Dulang water with Edy.I think Long didn't join us. it was only Abu, Ibnu, Edy, me and Pojie went for the hiking.

first, as usual we had to register ourselves at the park office. since Ibnu coming with us, we didn't have to hire any guide etc. i read somewhere that some group had to hire guide from the park office to hike. i'm not sure it is really necessary of not, as i saw few group hiked without guide...and in fact the trail was kind a straight forward.

so...lets start hiking!

fact - the height of the viewpoint peak is actually around 200m from the sea level, not 600m as advertised. 600m is the distance of the trail from the park office. this is based on my runkeeper GPS that tracked the distance and elevation.

despite it was a beautiful sunny day, the trail was wet and slippery, and even mixed with the streams because of the heavy rain during the night before. there was even a waterfall, which Ibnu said normally wasn't there.

it took us almost 40 minutes and finally we reached the 600m  marker. Voila..we got back to almost flat land and few steps ahead....we were presented by such a vista! the epic view of the water around Bohey Dulang and Bodgaya islands. Alhamdulillah... i felt blessed.

we were up there for a while, as usual, capturing the moments from all angles etc. then we trekked down to the jetty, as Edy was going for his short diving session there. we both did another snorkeling session, but i only did for a while as nothing different compared to the previous day session. i decided to wander around while waiting for them done with their diving and snorkeling.

once done..we packed our stuff and started to ride the boat to our next destination - Mantabuan Island

Ruby was so excited and kept telling us that the island is such a gem and she quoted it as ' Maldives Sabah !'

well...we'll see!


  1. tak sabar nak tengok maldives sabah

  2. Kau tak mint diving snookering ke Agip? Ke dah ada lesen menyelam?


    1. aku layan snorkeling jer so far. menyelam tu..dh penah buat discovery..tp cam x brani lagi. kat bohey neh..aku x snorkel sbb the day before dh layan snorkeling kat situ. hehe


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