going paradise - an evening in Selakan

Mantabuan Island
Tun Sakaran Marine Park
January 2015

a long day for all of us. the hiking and snorkeling, even diving for both Ruby and Edy. all pretty much drained our energy for the day. but we had a good time and i'm glad i was able to ticked the Bohey Dulang hiking as done on my to-do list. but sure, i think i won't hesitate if people ask me to go back there again.


and Mantabuan, well...it deserves to be on the map of the beach/island lovers.

the 40 minutes ride from Mantabuan to Selakan seemed quiet with everybody just let themselves delved into their own moment. ah...Ibnu made a stop at one of the houses near the Bodgaya Island as he wanted to introduce Ruby to one of the family there. if not mistaken, Ruby has a plan to comeback again and stay with them.

we had our tea-break at the homestay veranda, and had long chat, sharing stories etc. Edy apparently a marine officer, and had a lot of interesting stories to share especially his experience when on duty etc. Amusingly, because of his ability to speak in locals dialect, we were fooled and only noted that he is from Kedah when he told us. ah..Ruby laughed so hard as knowing this.

Damn bro...ko memang pandai kencing kitaorg.

i was in my moment at the verandah, as Edy and Pojie left me and back to the room, when Ruby shouted at me to take pictures etc. there was a sea-gypsy family riding the small boat passing our homestay.

it was a better evening compared the day before. there was beautiful sunset and as before, local kids enjoying their evening, fooling around the jetty etc.



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