going paradise - Semporna ... a prelude

Sibuan Island, Celebes Sea
January 2015

it has been in my wishlist for years, and finally i managed to arrange a trip to the place. well.. even though not exactly to the location that i'd been wanting to go, but i believe i had a better deal.

end of 2014, post Busan trip had been a really tough time for me and family. we had to deal with something and it had totally distracted me from thinking about any vacation etc. hence, i just realized that there was a long weekend with two days of public holiday, when december came. hard months meant that i need to go for a fuss free holiday...meaning a beach holiday. where i can blend myself with the nature, sleep while letting the wind caressing me.


as usual, the only partner in crime when doing such ad-hoc trip would be Pojie and a quick chat with him through whatsapp, managed to grab his interest to join, provided everything within the budget. as usual, i quickly emailed almost all tour operators that i could. 

few operators that replied gave almost same price for the 4d3n trip to Mabul Island at rm750++, with add-on if i wanted to go to Bohey Dulang. unfortunately, none of them can slot in Bohey Dulang in the itinerary as it seemed only us that wanted to go there during our visit. all of them told me that they needed at least 5-pax, for a visit to Bohey Dulang.

i recalled also that my ex-schoolmate, Amin now a resident in Semporna and he is also one of the tour operator there. thus, i sent him a message about the trip. 

i was almost gave up and decided to totally ditch Bohey Dulang from the itinerary, despite me being too eager to visit the place. and finally Amin replied my message and told me he could arrange such trip for me and Pojie, but without going as far as Mabul. Amin explained it was normal for the trip only to proceed with enough pax,  as the operators are making loss if they arranged less than 5-pax for Bohey Dulang trip from Mabul.

he told us that he could arrange us to stay at Selakan Island homestay, and then few snorkeling trips around Tun Sakaran Marine Park, as well as a visit to Bohey Dulang. i was a bit torned when Mabul was not in the list, but between Mabul and Bohey Dulang, my interest leaning towards Bohey Dulang.

i knew that it'd be hard to arrange trip to Bohey Dulang without enough people whenever later, and since Amin able to offer us the package within our budget...i decided to give a go and yes, it was wise decision. :)

my full-board itinerary given was:

Day 0
Arrive Tawau and airport transfer to Semporna.
Overnight at Semporna

Day 1
Boat transfer to Selakan Island
Check-in homestay Selakan Island
Visit and hiking Bohey Dulang
Snorkeling at Bohey Dulang

Day 2
Day trip to Mantabuan Island - Snorkeling

Day 3
Day trip to Sibuan Island - Snorkeling

Day 4
Boat transfer to Semporna
Airport transfer to Tawau

I browsed AA website and decided to redeem my Big points for the return flights to Tawau, and that saved me a lot. :)  I was so enthusiastic about this trip. it had been 3 months since Busan trip, and i need a good start for the year. knowing that'd be a lot of snorkeling sessions, i even bought myself power-mask snorkeling set, and borrowed an action cam from a friend too. i just didn't want miss anything :)

so...Semporna ...here we go!

to be continued ...


  1. hmm.. kene beli alat snorkeling tu satu...


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