going paradise - Semporna ... day zero

Semporna Waterfront
January 2015

a week before the trip, the whole nation were shocked with another aviation incident. despite being a frequent flyer, the series of such news somehow managed to affect me. moreover, as knowing that the AA incident was directly associated with the mother nature,as they reported. i can still accept with what happened to two incidents before, eventhough one of it still remains as mystery unsolved, but somehow not for this one. it was either human error (pilot) that unable to control the situation, or it was totally mother nature that led to the incident. Wallahualam. i know, if it is already written.

even Pojie's parents somehow affected with the news and was questioning him whether he really want to fly for the trip.

we just only have be rational, and equates what has happened, vs. what has been happening in daily life. more or less, it is a comforting thought, even though since then, i'd unable to stomach the 'air pocket' situation when flying.


the day finally came and Pojie arrived one day early and overnight at my house. we then took early morning taxi to nearest LRT station and then continue the ride to KL Sentral. we arrived KLIA2 and then went straight to the departure hall. it was a busy morning there. a long weekend, and everybody was getting on their feet to travel to somewhere, like us. i smses Amin and Mail - our driver, on our departure and arrival time in Tawau, just to alert them.

we were then called to board, and as we moved to find our seat, i saw a lady sitting at our seat. not again! i had to tell her that i purposely bought the window seat etc. and asked her to move. ah..apparently she was a big fuss lady...moving out from the seat, while loudly mumbling etc. funny thing was, she brought all of the bags with her while sitting there, despite putting them at the top compartment. it took a while and we noticed people were watching us. i had to help her, despite her attitude, moving the bags to the top compartment etc. and i noticed one of the bags - full of Gardenia's product.

i chuckled a while as it reminded me one of my friends who did the same whenever going back to KK. it is a known and established fact that there is no Gardenia's or even High5 products in Sabah, for some reasons. hehehe.

we departed and left KLIA2 as per scheduled. it was a good day...with a good weather. the bumpy ride only for the first few parts of the journey, as once the plane flew passing the clouds...wallaa...i had one of the most beautiful views i'd ever seen when flying. it was like a cotton-candy kingdom up there.

we missed our breakfast, and had our brunch during the flight. btw...the lady mumbled to my friend that she wanted to have the window seat as she got dizzy if sitting at the aisle. too bad akak oiii...i paid already the seat...and if i had not, i would gladly compromise.

the 2++ hours flight seemed fast, as my time was occupied with the reading, watching the cotton-candy clouds and a quick nap etc. and finally the captain announced on the preparation for the arrival

we met our driver - Mail at the airport. a friendly and talkative chap. 

'abang...dua orang aje ni? van ni besar' - Mail laughing as noted there'd be only two of us, while the van next to us was packed with transit passengers to Semporna.

i didn't have much opportunity to memograph the journey from Tawau to Semporna, as Mail was driving the van like on the race track. he was skilled enough as managed to avoid the potholes etc. despite the speed. 

there was a road block, but we managed to get over it without any issue. probably, the road block was not targeting the speed racer, but other things.

'kawan sekolah saya bang!' Mail told me as he wind-up the window after greeting the officer. i just chuckled as felt entertained with his excitement.

ah. i was amused as listening to the choice of songs that played from the player during our short journey to Semporna. 90's track, mainly from Iklim, once a famous band. it reminded me on my other friend, who despite being waaay younger than me, a very much fan of 'rock kapak' and he knows better than me. i made a joke once to him, that this reminded me a quote from HIMYM, where Barney made a point to Robin as watching her 'teen-idol' days - the 80's only arrived Canada during the 90's . LOL

we finally arrived Semporna, after 1hr journey from Tawau. Mail dropped us at Sipadan Inn 2, our hotel for the night.

we went out, wandering around the waterfront area, while waiting for dinner time. it was still early, despite it was dark already, and we were hungry. we had our light meal - roti canai and teh tarik at Nafisah Restaurant.

once satisfied, we decided to buy some supplies at the nearby Giant supermart. then we went back to the hotel, rest and did our jama' pray before went out again for proper dinner.

we couldn't find any good spot, as suggested by many including Amin, to have the seafood etc. and we ended up eating at one of the restaurants at the waterfront.

we bid early farewell to the night. it had been a long day, literally, as we'd been on road since morning. but again, it never eclipsed my excitement for our real-trip tomorrow!

Selakan Island ...here we come :)


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