a late summer memoir (going far east) - till then ..부산 Busan

our last day in Busan, and it was time to go back home already. we woke up early and left the guest house around 7am. the lady-owner, was really helpful, she went out with us to the street and helped to stop the taxi for us and talked to the taxi driver, telling where to go etc.

in this part of Busan, it was still sleepy, with only taxis and public buses roaming the empty road, but as we left the city and started to enter the expressway to the airport, the traffic crept in. i was calm, as i knew it won't be long, reading from azra's experience. but the taxi driver, despite being a local, was a bit worried, as telling from his facial expression.

we made it to the airport around 830am and it was still early as the AAX counter was yet to open. 

but we went straight into the queue as we wanted to settle the check-in and grab our breakfast. it wasn't long and then the counter opened. check-in went smooth, but the only part that i considered a fuss as i had to wait for a while before i could leave, waiting for confirmation from the security that our luggage were OK to go. the direction given wasn't that clear as i waited for a while, and then the staff came asking how long i'd been waiting...and she told me that if it was more than 5 minutes, meaning everything good to go.

a quick sigh.

we wandered around the airport for a while, looking for any places to have our breakfast, but none managed to justify for our interest. we decided to go straight to the departure hall, settled the immigration thingy and then get our breakfast inside.

we only found dunkin' donuts, that suited to our taste ...and perhaps it was one of the limited eateries available inside the departure hall. pardon me...i lost count as it had been a while.

we wandered around the duty free, and thought of getting something fancy for mum, but then we found nothing interesting that within our budget. eheh...sisters went to the nearby shop, to get the last taste of the power drink - banana milk. :)

it was almost 10am, and we were called to board. everything went smooth, and the plane left Busan as per schedule. adieu Busan!

so, how do i perceive Busan? or South Korea in general?

if you'd been reading me, i am not a fan of wandering around a big city. as much as i could, i wanted to get closer to the nature - forest, mountains and beach. i guess living in a big city like KL, had me enough with the bustling atmosphere. i barely stomach the hectic of Jakarta and Singapore, which more or less depicted same vibe of KL, hence violating my something-different soul seeking conquest. but Busan offered me a slightly different thing, even not by a quantum of margin.

Busan or South Korea, as well as Japan, is a proof, how a nation can advanced by standing on its own identity, and my argument is solely based on how they put their national language above all. eventhough it contributes to the barrier between the world and them, it is amused how they managed to penetrate the global market with their own identify and my example is obviously their Kpop that expands as far as south america etc.

however, on the other hand, a nation country with that strong identity tends to be so protective of themselves from welcoming the world. i didn't feel Busan is that welcoming, other than at the tourist spots area - Gamcheon, Gukje, Busan Tower, Taejongdae Park and obviously our guesthouse owners. i saw a tourist was ignored by locals when being asked on direction, we were shooed away by the fruit-seller as asking to buy half of the basket of lime etc.

ah..probably i'd been too judgemental. as what i read from other bloggers, you'd have a different vibe in Seoul, as they are more welcoming.

next trip perhaps?

still, my trip wasn't bad at all. i only being nitpicking on this two issues - language barrier and the fact that the locals are not that welcoming, while Busan itself offered many things to treasure.

my highlights of Busan ....

Gamcheon Village

Hotteok !

Jagalchi Market

Busan Citizen Park (give it few more years to mature!)

Taejongdae Park

Busan City Tour Bus!

Gwangbokro Street and BFF Square!

Busan Tower and Yongdusan Park

Gukje Market

Banana Milk!

Woori Guesthouse (:P)

if people ask whether it is worth to visit, i'd say yes, but go beyond the city. if you'd been to Seoul, i think the city exhibit the same affection...yeah..it is city with neon lights everywhere.

will i be back? well...it is hard to tell, but i'd love to see Gamcheon going through all 4 seasons there..and i wanted to go to Jeju someday..and it'll be via Busan too.



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