a late summer memoir (going far east) - nights in Busan

City of Busan
October 2014

compared to other places that i'd been, as far as i could recall, the nights in Busan was different. the vibe of the city is unique to my eyes with the neon breathing the atmosphere, with people (mostly) dressing stylishy flocking almost every corner of the city. i had less memory (as getting older) on how i perceived london or even paris, waaay few years back. probably the mind has been a while, wandering on laid-back destinations and something closer to nature, hence my view on such.

i didn't accomplish much on my last night in Busan. we decided to have dinner inside the guest house, finishing our packed food. both sisters decided to rest and did the packing instead of wandering for the last time.

i went out and thought of taking the train to Gwangali to see the famous bridge at night. but it didn't work out as i was lost in translation when changing the train-line. the guy at the helpdesk counter seemed unable to help me that much as the direction given almost led me to a wrong train-line that could lead me to far beyond Gwangali.

i decided to trace my foot prints back to Jagalchi station, and walked towards Busan Tower again. perhaps, the night would show a different side of the place. i passed the busy Gwangbokro street and stalking people (mostly locals) enjoying the pleasant late summer night of Busan before i reached the escalator to Yongdusan park.

the place was never calm from visitors even at night. it may not be as many as what we'd seen during daylight. it was a nice visit. seeing the place glowing in light, hence approving what william, my french roomate at the guest house quoted when he visited the place before.

i was not there long, as without my tripod, not much wonder i could do with my camera. i walked down and stepped my foot back at Gwangbokro and continued walking and wandering. 

the hotteok stalls seemed to be everywhere, and at 1000k per piece, good enough to fill the growling stomach while waiting for a proper meal. i think we were addicted to it since our first taste at Gamcheon, and of course, we chose a proper stall - only selling hotteok, to minimize our was was.

nights there, when wandering along the BFF, we'd been passing this Turkish guy selling the ice-cream, but we never stopped until one night. as you might expect, the 'Istanbul Aku Datang' scene happened to us as the seller tricked us before we got our ice-cream.

i was walking while staring at the billboard featuring Kim Soo Hyun, one of the famous faces of South Korea that time (the face appeared like every corner of the city), as i bumped into the crowd below. local hip-hop artist was performing. as expected, he was doing the rap in korean, and i barely understand. however, the beats was catchy and made me stopped to further listen. i watched the crowd, mostly youngster, nodding their heads to the beats.

the atmosphere somehow amused me as other than me, i don't see people pointing their cameras or phones recording the moment.

i left the crowd after a while, and walked back to the guest house. it was time to pack my stuff and had an early sleep as we were going to leave for early flight tomorrow.



  1. bila pegi busan ni agip? aku tak terasa sgt nak ke busan..tak tau kenapa... kau rekomen tak?

    1. aku pegi tahun lepas october. hehe. hmm...rekomen ke x, depends..ko dh g seoul n jeju kan? aku rasa dh cukop kot...unless ko nk discover tmpt yg aku highlight kat next entry.


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