Odyssey to South of the Clouds (p0.1) - a prelude ...

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the clock is ticking. i just realized there's so much things to do. compared to my mega trips before, which always able to distract me from my workload, things totally go the other way around. think back, i missed my farwest trip because i was too occupied with work, and even missed the 2nd chance for the trip when it came in October.

i guess, to start writing about it even before going, will put the momentum again. let me go through the checklist, for a start.
  1. Flight tickets - done. not yet for luggage and food.
  2. Visa - not yet
  3. Itinerary - 30% done. But most info already in place, thanks to fellow bloggers. i just need to translate it back to my own preference. need to get ready with translation, places name in the language
  4. Budget - done. 
  5. Change money to RMB/yuan - not yet
  6. Annual leave - not yet apply
  7. shopping - new backpack? new camera bag?
  8. Packing - ahah..still far away.
    • Clothes - including jacket as we plan to go to the mountains
    • Camera - ok. this gonna be the part that i'd be always puzzled
    • others - instant food, medicine etc.
another friend will be joining me, and this will be the first time we''ll be travelling together. some of my friends a bit sceptical with the decision, and remind me to put a lot of patience later as part of the first aid. huhuhu. but i care less as i know people can talk. probably as they knew the trip will span almost 2 weeks, hence its mega status.

till then.


  1. Wow wow! Nk kirim something! Ahaks

    1. kemain wow! hehe. bole2 sila bagitau before berangkat.

  2. mega sungguh bunyi nya....

    semoga berjaya agip

    1. hehe...mega utk standard aku la meng. doakanla semoga ok.

  3. Terbaik punya mega trip ni... look forward!

    1. tq bro. hehe. mega lah sgt kaann...

  4. tempat ni kat cene ke.


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