a late summer memoir (going far east) - story of faith

busan citizen park
October 2014

we were early. the concert would only started within 2 hours.

it was a long walk from the metro station to here. we were lost at first as the was no clear sign to point us the direction to this big park. we saw people flocking towards one direction, and decided to follow and finally saw glimpse of the place, as well as the big signboard - the brilliant concert season 3.

we walked along the path built within the park, and then decided to sit down for a while at one of the benches. taking a deep breath, releasing our long sigh because of the long walk.

suddenly, i was approached by a local couple. i had no bad perception towards them, as they dressed well (long black coat etc.), and sounds like these were among the friendlier people of Busan that i met so far.

'it is a nice day' - the lady (i guess the wife) greeted me who was busy looking at my camera LCD.

i turned my head and gave her and the husband a smile. 'yeah'

they both came closer and while handing over a pamphlet to me, asking

' what do you seek in life?'

i hadn't look at the pamphlet, but already stunned with such deep question from a stranger.

' do you know where to find it? the real answer of the purpose of life?'

again. another question. i gave a plain smile as my saliva now filling the throat while figuring out how to answer such question. both sisters looked at me from where they sat, and gave a frown, wondering.

i looked at the pamphlet...and finally realized. ah! these were the preachers missionaries that Fairuz used to tell me when she visited the country. i gathered my sense back, and acted like a proper charlie for a while and then paid a look to both of them who still waiting for my answer.

'ah...you want me to answer that now?' acting sort of thought they were just throwing the question for sake of asking.

'never mind. you can refer to the pamphlet. or visit the website. i guess there'll be explanation in your mother tongue too'

and they left ' enjoy your evening!'

sigh. in this side of the world, their faith is one of the dominants. but then, approaching muslims (as both sisters wearing hijab) or looked like from SEA region where they aware most of us may not sharing their faith, something that need to ponder, to be aware of.

i was not as blunt as Fairuz, where she shoo'ed them away , when they tried hard convincing her.

but i'd do, if they crossed the line.


  1. Pergh! Interesting! I've read that a lot of South Koreans travel overseas for missionary work. Why not have a debate with them and preach them instead? ;)

    Eh btw, what happened to the IG account?

    1. R.a.W. hehe..tak pandai nk debate2 sgt dgn diaorg neh. but then if they provoke ke apa...maybe la sub-consciously ter debate. hehe.

      IG tu somethin happen. ade plan nk create balik. hehe.

  2. mmg ramai missionaries kat Busan tu ... aku pun penah kene approach dengan diorang ... tapi buat2 bodo jer laa... pastu diorang takde la nak provoke ape2 ... just tanye2 soklan deep mcm ko tu la.. pastu bagi pamplet then blah

    1. hehe..yeap. as i did. lgpun penat berjalan kaki dr metro. duduk2 org tanya sokla deep cam tu. haha.

  3. kalau aku.. buat pekak jer.. tetiba transform jadi badak.. malas layan .. tp kdg kdg terlayan jugak la kan

    1. hehe.part terlayan tu sbb they appeared cam normal citizen...tadela pakai serban kopiah jubah bagai...then they greeted nicely etc. ingatkan being friendly citizen welcoming tourist. hehe.

  4. Kalau saya debor jugak tetibe disapa sebegitu.


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