a late summer memoir (going far east) - Taejongdae Park

Taejongdae Park, Busan
October 2014

i didn't recognize her at first sight. but when i googled, i just realized she was the main-cast for the famous 'winter sonata' which i did enjoy watching back then. well..with the whole family. we even bought the VCD. hehe. but she didn't catch my eyes that much, but as time flies, the photos showcased at the gallery, showed her different sides and obviously, prettier.


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it was our 3rd day in Busan, and the plan was to take the City Tour Bus, and visit all the attractions along the route, as much as we could. 

we had early breakfast at the guest house. luckily, it was not a busy morning in the kitchen and dining area, other than a chinese couple from Malaysia, who was on the same flight earlier. we had toasts and eggs, and joined the couple for breakfast.

husband 'ok ke Busan?'
me 'ok tapi susah sikitla nak communicate'
husband ' huh...sini aaa..orang2 dia..susah woo. bla bla bla'

i was stunned with such attitude, and start to ignore him. 

dalam hati #potmengatakettle

the wife was friendly. a nice lady, and we had their adorable toddlers joining us for the breakfast too. and both gave enough distraction from entertaining the husband attitude. the wife told us they just took the city tour bus yesterday, and didn't stop that much since it was a bit tiring, to hop off and on the bus with toddlers etc.

we bid farewell to them after done with our breakfast, and walked to Jagalchi station. it was weekend, and still early, hence the road and even metro was still vacant and quiet.

we get off the train as we reached Busan KTX Station, where it located next to the main train station. we walked to the side of the road and saw the place, where people gather to get on the City Tour Bus. ah..the queue was long already, and most were locals. we didn't manage to get on the first bus and we had to wait for a while. 

infot about the City Tour Bus . we took the bus that went to Taejongdae route first, as we wanted to visit Taejongdae Park first, and then continued with the Haeundae route later so that we could watch the Fireworks Festival later at Gwangalli Beach.

a half an hour ride to the entrance of the park which located a bit outskirt of the city. we get off the bus as we arrived at the 4th station of the route, and it seemed everybody was heading to the same place.the admission to the park is free, but we had to walk further up as we wanted to take the Danubi train to get to the top of the hill. well... you can walk like most of locals did. hehe

the train ride cost us 2000 won each.

anyway, there was a hiccup. my idea was to ride on the train till the top most station, and then walked down, under the trees and stopped at all attraction points along the way. however, we missed the last station and went back to the base station.despite the communication issue as i tried to explain our misunderstanding about the train stop, the staff had been really helpful and allow us to ride back on the train without any fuss.

while queuing for the train again, we managed to saw few malaysians, but then other than hearing them chatting among themselves 'eh..orang kita tu..orang kita' and then passed us by, we didn't greet each other.

'nice day!'  somebody suddenly voice out it loud.

ah..there was group of locals, middle-age men queuing behind us, apparently trying to make a conversation with us. and it works, as they were just curious and asking we were from. well..much better than talking at the back, and whispering like we couldn't here.

we rode on the train for the 2nd time and i stayed alert as need to tell both sisters when to get off. 

we get off was we reached the last station before the train rode down the hill back to the main station. the reason being as i saw on the map, a temple, which probably can be visited. apparently we had walk further down and as we arrived at the small road that lead to the temple, we decided to turn back. there was no sign people visiting the place, and it was kinda creepy. 

we turned back and walked up the hill. we passed the 'outdoor gym- as i called it' where we could see locals, which mostly old people, spending their time doing exercise there. we took a rest under the shade as both sisters know no longer in good pace to continue walking up the hill

the next stop to visit was the lighthouse and we had to walked down, following the path from the side of the road. my older sister was no longer in mood to walk, and decided to wait at the bench next to the road and let us both went down to the light house.

we didn't realize it was almost noon, despite the feeling just arrived at the place. probably the train ride and the queue, already took our time. and it was hot, even me that used to walk and go beyond anything, decided to go halfway till the viewpoint only, instead of going further down to the lighthouse complex itself.

we both walked up the stairs back, and met our sister back, then continued walking to the observation building.

well...we were hungry already, and luckily there were cafes in the building. we decided to find some food after enough wandering around.

the photo gallery of jiwoo was located at the 2nd floor of the building.

#she's Busan tourism ambassador, and of course she's from Busan.

we went to each cafes inside the building, trying to find something to eat...and as expected no halal option. we saw prawn burger on the menu of the fastfood restaurant, and i asked the staff whether they have fish burger. again, communication breakdown as they couldn't understand my request. hence, we decided just to settle with the prawn burger.

we had it outside the building, sitting on the bench at the side of the road. the burger was good enough to our appetite.

we continued to walk down the hill, while enjoying the view etc. we made few stops along the way and then finally arrived at the entrance of the park.

we get on the bus and then continued our journey. since everybody tired already, we decided to go back to the guest house first, and then went out for the firework festival later.



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