a late summer memoir (going far east) - Jagalchi Market & Busan Citizen Park

busan citizen park
October 2014

from wikipedia

Busan Citizens Park (formerly Camp Hialeah) is a former Imperial Japanese Army base and United States Army camp located in the Busanjin District of the city of Busan, South Korea. The Camp occupying 133-acre (540,000 m2) of prime real estate was closed on 10 August 2006 and handed back to the Busan city government. It was redeveloped as the Busan Citizens Park (Korean: 부산시민공원) and opened on 1 May 2014

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we went to the shop near the bus stop and looked for the 'instant rice' as we planned to have our lunch at the guest house. at 3000 won per pax, it was a perfect companion to our Brahim's instant curry.

the owner was surprise to see us back already. i believe all of the guests were out, exploring Busan, hence explained her expression. she was having lunch with her husband, and invited us to join them.

we reheat the rice and also the brahim's instant curry that we brought from home, and then fried some eggs. perfecto!


we went out again around 3pm after had our lunch, rest and did our jama' pray. we decided to visit the famous Jagalchi market first, before heading to Busan Citizen Park for the concert.

it was a fine and busy day at the market. we were approached by the restaurant owners as we were about to the enter the wet market. 'english menu, english menu'. we politely declined, as we just had our lunch, and told them we'd be back for the dinner later. 'remember me!' one of the ladies said to us.

ah. such a view, seeing all the fresh seafood sold there. we continued walking till the main building of the market.

we took the lift inside the main building of the market and head to level 7, the observation deck where we could see a spectacular view of Busan city. 

it was 4pm already and we left the market, heading towards the metro station which located few blocks away from the market. it was our first time during the trip, traveling using the metro, and luckily it was easy and friendly system. we utilized our cashbee cards again this time.

it was a long ride. Bujeon station, the closest one to the park was the 10th station since Jagalchi station. the good thing was, we had to stay on the same metro line, hence no fuss of changing to another train etc.

as we walked out from the station, we were a bit clueless looking for the direction to the park. we were no longer closer to the city centre, but downtown of Busan. no sign whatsoever, even poster or banners of the concert.

we saw people walked towards one direction (not the boy band), and decided to follow them. 

ah..we were right.

it was quite a long walk, where we had to pass the road under the bridge and then saw more and more people in front of us heading towards the same direction.

we kept walking and finally saw the big billboard of the concert.

btw. none of us actually a big fan of K-pop, but then we decided to give it a try. it was a free concert, which sponsored by Hyundai in conjunction with the 2014 Busan International Fireworks Festival that we planned to watch on the next day.

the long walk from the Bujeon station to the park, pretty much drained our energy. worst, as we didn't bring any snacks or drinks with us as we thought we could buy along the way or within the park. apparently, there was no stall or kiosk or even street vendor etc. like we normally see especially when there's a big event like concert or anything. 

even the locals that went to watch the concert brought their own supplies, like they were planning to have a picnic etc.we kept wandering around the park, trying our luck as if we were actually missed anything, but we had no luck.

the motivation to stay for another hours suddenly draining, as we were not sure if we could survived without any food or drinks for another few hours. we then decided to have a rest at one of the benches, giving ourselves some thought before deciding on the next cause of action. and i was greeted by the missionaries which stunned me with such deep questions.

despite the positive reviews that i read about the park, it fall short of my expectation. the park was yet to 'mature' by the time i visited it. you could see all the trees still newly transplanted and need to be retained/secured with the woods. and there was only few parts of the park where we could see the autumn-colour.

perhaps, once everything in place and the trees blooming etc., it'll be a beautiful park.

we decided to walk closer to the field where the concert would be held. more and more people now filling the space in front of stage, despite it'd be another 2 hours before it started. we thought of going in and find our space, but then realized the area was actually fenced with the tape and the concert staff were all around the place, asking people to use the designated entrance.

and despite it was a free concert, you still need to get the passes to get through.

we didn't have any clue where to get the passes, but noticed the locals that queuing at the entrances were carrying the same bag, and holding small cards with them. i heard  and saw the staff told those who didn't have such passes to get it somewhere while pointing towards the right side of the concert area, where i could see those who were queuing came from.

some of them decided to just stayed behind the line and watch the concert from far away. and we decided to do so, instead of hunting for the passes.

i kept looking at the clock. it was still more than an hour to wait. both sisters were no longer in mood to wait as we were hungry and thirsty already.

and we finally decided to leave the place, and missed the concert.

perhaps, tomorrow's plan to watch the Fireworks Festival at Gwangali Beach would paid off with what we missed today.

we left the park and it was another long walk to the station.we get off the train as we arrived Jagalchi station and walked towards the market gain. this time, we were going for our big dinner at one of the restaurants there.

'English menu sir!'

we walked in and found our spot. the staff, and mid-age lady was so attentive despite her limitation on understanding english. we had few funny moments when asking the lady the cutlery, instead of the chopstick, to 'tapau' the food etc. my sister even had to do 'charade' - explaining to the lady on what actually we wanted.

#communication breakdown

i was looking for the grilled fish on the menu, but couldn't find one. the lady suggested us sashimi set for 3, but since only my younger sister is a fan of sushi or such, we opted it out. i mean the at 50 000 won for each of the set that she suggested to us, we had to be choosy, so that everybody can enjoy it.

the lady then suggested us to try the seafood stew, same price and we agreed to try. but then before she left 'gggreeeel pish sir?' deng. grilled fish. it was not on the menu. i asked her to bring one set for us, and it was a HUGE mistake for not asking the size of the meal as well as the price.

the grilled fish set, was actually cost us another 50 000 won. sigh.

and our dinner that night  - 100 000 won which equaled to 100usd or more than rm300.


we couldn't finish everything, even had to ask for the restaurant to pack the grilled fish back to the guest house.

our first so-called korean-seafood dinner - just OK. we could have just ordered the grilled fish, instead of the bland so-called seafood stew, hence saving us another 50 000 won.


we walked back to our guest house, passing the happening night life of the city of Busan, and bid farewell to the day.

it had been a long one - Gamcheon - Jagalchi - Busan Citizen Park



  1. takpelah. bukan slalu makan mahal2kan. ahaks. tp grill fish sana sedap. kene dgn tekak ni haa...

    1. dah bloated beb. x habes ikan tu. hehe

  2. Teringat haritu, lepas merayau kat Gyeongju sehari suntuk...sampai Busan je, terus terjah market. Terliur tengok grilled fish tu semua. Tapi sebab xlarat, so tapau jelah. Rugi sebab banchan semua xdapat. Sibaik sempat beli udang fresh, terus jadi chef terjun kat bilik.

    1. wow. rajin masak. hehe. murah ke udang tu? kitaorg x survey plak harga.

  3. Dah lama i tak singgah sini Agip! Layout pun dah bertukar! Nice one. From the dark side, to the white side ek? Didn't know that you went to Busan earlier. Btw, that seafood stew looks similar to something that we had way back in Seoul last November. The famous Eomoni Jib at Myeongdong. And that grilled fish are way tooo expensive! Gile mahal! Phewwww!


    1. hehe..zaraab..welkambek to you too. lama i tgu tau u hapdet autumn in my heart tu. btw..saje tukar layout..rasa cam ceria sket dari bergelap last time. hehe. TQ btw.

      btw...i pun x tau ape name stew tu dlm bahse korea...main tunjuk2 jer kat menu tu. and yes..our mistake gak sbb tak tny betul2..end up..we are paying like makan kat hotel kat msia plak rasa.

    2. Bz sangat la Agip. Dari Autumn, dah bertukar Winter, nak masuk season lain dah nie! Hahaha. Myanmar pun bertangguh gak nie.

  4. nampak sedap bro greeeeel fish tu haha but seafood stew tu ala2 steamboat dah aku tgk!

    1. hehe..greel fish tu sedap. tapi sbb dh full..tak abes.


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