a late summer memoir (going far east) - mazing Gamcheon (cont.)

mission possible
Gamcheon Village, Busan
October 2014

the drama

we studied the map and then continued walking, to find the location of the art museum. i just need one more stamp to complete my so-called adventure. but after few attempts i.e. wandering along the alley that i thought where it was located, turned back...and then even asked the lady that took care one of the art-house there, we came into conclusion...there was no way the museum located along that alley.

both sisters were almost given up with my persistent. more because they were tired already. finally i took a deep breath, while sat on the bench nearby, and opened the map again. i looked at it while pointing my finger on the route that we'd taken and bam...the art museum was the first ever building that we entered! it was near the main entrance of the village.

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we went down the stairs known as  'Stairs to Stars' as suggested by the old man that we met before. the next stop to get the stamp was the village 'community centre'

half-way down, i just realized that we were no longer on track. i mean we were lost as we no longer saw the arrows etc. but we kept walking following the route available as we thought it'd lead us to the main road down the village, in the end.

and yes, it led us to the main road. the sound of the school kids laughing and cheering up for their wefie attracted us to walk further up, as we knew that the group was also hunting for the stamp, and they must be gathered in front of the community centre for something.

ok. i managed to my stamp, but then i had plenty to go. i glanced on my map, and thought i saw all the remaining places located somewhere along the 'Stairs to Stars' that we walked down (partly) before. while there were no other way to cross the village to get back to the main entrance of the village (if we decided to skip the stamps hunting) other that walked around it from the road in front of the community centre, we had to climb the stairs again.


we did and we reached at the junction.

we walked on both sides of the junction and visited the art works presented there and collecting our remaining stamps. until one point when we realize the 'little art museum' that we thought we saw on the map, non-existence along the path that we walked.

both sisters decided to wait at the bench, and let me figured out on foot, the location of the museum. and finally, as my mind came into sense while studying the map - we were wrong. it was the first building that we visited as we entered the village, but i guess i was not aware on the stamps-collection mission that time, we didn't look for it.

we had to climb back the stairs and go back to the main street where we met the old man earlier. it was the only option actually, rather than turning back, and walk down the stairs to another road etc. the day was getting hotter. it was almost noon already. i think we'd been walking and wandering for the past 3 hours.

we stopped at one of the grocery shops there, and bought some drinks, which obviously the 'banana milk'. we sat down at the chair in front of the shop, and watched visitors wandering along the street, photographing their moments with the art works etc.


'selamat tengahari! apa khabar?' we were suddenly greeted by a chinese lady. ah...a family from Johor Bahru too. no wonder, her son ( i guess ) been smiling to us, while they were taking a short break under the shade of the building, in front of the shop. i guess he was contemplating to greet us.


we bid farewell to them, and continued walked towards the entrance of the village, while them on opposite direction towards the end of the street, and perhaps to stairs.

sister saw the stall selling this local-street food, and told me that she read travelers from Malaysia been talking about this on the net. we decided to give it a try.

it was called hotteok, a korean version of pancake filled with syrup or caramel, and also the sunflower seeds. nice! we loved it and had been craving for it since then.

we walked towards the village entrance after had the hotteok, and finally arrived at the little museum. i went up to the place and get my booklet stamps-hunting mission completed. voila!

we'd been at Gamcheon for more than 3-hours. long enough to make us hungry, with all the unexpected exercise walking up the stairs etc. instead of trying any cafe nearby, we decided to go back to the city and have our lunch there.

we crossed the road to get to the bus stop in front of the village main entrance. while waiting, there we a group of middle-eastern ladies waiting too, and apparently they were excitedly joined by the local school girls for group selfie etc.


i think selfie, at that time became so viral among korean teenagers, especially girls. i could see almost every corner of the place i went, i saw the girls doing the selfie or wefie etc. in fact, the selfie-monopod was one of the hot sellers when i was wandering the night market at BIFF or Gwangbokro street.

anyway...the bus finally arrived and we bid farewell to Gamcheon.

we had good time there, other than the fact that we had to hunt around for the last stamp due to our mistake reading the map, and tired walking up the stairs.... 

i just feel that the locals here were more welcoming compared to the city. probably because, they were accustomed to foreign visitors, as it is a tourist spot.

it is definitely worth to visit!



  1. Brape kg agak2 hilang tu 3 jam duk jalan naik turun tangga. Fuhhh~

    1. ber kg kg kot ilang. gigih turun naek tangga

  2. gigihnye ko pegi kutip semua stamp tu... aku haritu dapat 2-3 jer.. tu pun dah rase mcm nak tercabut kaki turun naik tangga

    1. haha. semangat beb. :P


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