let's get lost (hingga hujung dunia) - adieu ...

the weather was much better as we left the cape. sunny day, even though some parts of the sky were still cloudy. the car now rode on different route, as following the GPS, and i think we made a wise decision the day before, as the road that we were taken now, made us slower.

sleepiness crept in me, and almost left my buddy alone. the growling stomach kept me up, and we didn't have any idea where to stop yet. for sure, it'd be brunch, by the time we found any eatery.

the GPS led us to the waterfront first, and we made a quick stop for a memento, and then continued for a short ride to the town of Kudat. we went into circle for a while, wandering around the town, while scouting and thinking where to eat etc. and finally made a 'wise' decision - KFC.

ok. it was friend's idea. boring ain't? and we only realized there were few restaurants around the block, as we drove leaving the town, after we had our lunch at the KFC.

 i guess, hungry stomach really clouded our mind and soul, hence settled with things that we familiar.

we left Kudat town, straightaway after the lunch. it was a hot afternoon. another reason that made us felt better to stay in the car. the thing is, i didn't make any readings about Kudat, hence was not that excited to discover the town, which i am sure has its own charm.

we took different route this time. bypassing Kota Belud town. nothing much to highlight, despite that i was trying hard to stay awake, hoping we going to drive along some scenic area etc.

friend told me that we'd be able to make it to KK before maghrib, hence decided to continue the ride. at some part, he was heavy footed, and wanted to arrive KK as soon as possible, i guess.we only had a quick stop at one of the gas station, to buy some drinks and snacks.

we arrived  KK at almost 5pm. it took us around 3 hours, from Kudat. this time i booked KK Suites Hotel, which located at Gaya Street too. it looks better than Gaya Lodge that i stayed the before. cozy and nice room. and friend stayed for the night as we planned to wander around KK town - seafood dinner, massage and movie etc. 

we went out for a foot & body massage, before heading to the famous Dataran Todak for our seafood dinner. the place was packed with travelers, as it was a long weekend due to the Malaysia Day.

dinner was good and reasonably cheap. i loved the salted-egg chili crab. it always a must whenever i ate at Dataran Todak.

we went to Suria Sabah after the dinner as we planned to watch 'The Maze Runner'. ah..another moment, as we sang the Negaraku before the movie started. anyway, it was quite annoying to see few people mocking it..even some of them didn't stand up. and these were people who think they deserved to be called 'warganegara'. do you know that, the law permits a punishment who do not respect the national song?

'The Maze Runner' was good. it met my expectation, and managed to overcome my disappointment on 'Lucy - the thumbdrive' that i watched days earlier.

that ended our long tiring day.

it was my last day in KK, we didn't have any plan as i only had half-a-day before friend drove me to the airport. we had breakfast at the kopitiam next to the hotel, using the hotel's voucher.

i paid a short visit to the Craft Market of KK and bought some souvenirs.

friend drove me to the airport around 12pm. as usual, something for the family, as they planned to pay me a visit on the next weekend - the tiger prawn - frozen. cost me around rm100 this time as i bought 2 kg of it.

it was time to fly back to KL. and there was a bit of drama, as usual.

1. people hijacking my window seat.
2. there was rombongan cik kiah seating on the row behind me, and was too excited sharing their stories among them.

the flight was a bit bumpy, as we were approaching KLIA. but the weather was good as we landed.

i had a good time, in general. sabahans are among the friendliest people i met. 

i only wish that i could have spent more time wandering and exploring Kundasang/Ranau and Tip of Borneo.

yes. there'll be another road trip. someday. :). to wrap up ...the theme song for the trip..and yes..it was like everybody that i met humming this song, throughout my trip. bizarre eh?


  1. rumah baru.. cun layout... segar mata..
    sabah memang banyak kfc dowh.

    1. hehe..tq meng. ni tak abes lagi..x smpt nk tambah link etc. to blog korang etc. ari tu bile tukar jer..terus ilang etc.

      btw..yeap..kfc neh cam memane jer ade kat sabah. :)


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