a late summer memoir (going far east) - mazing Gamcheon

Do you know where you're going to?

Gamcheon Village, Busan
October 2014

we didn't fix our itinerary to slot in on what day it has to be etc. we just made a list of things that we must do based on Azra's blog as well as other info that we read on the internet.

i looked back things that i wrote and decided the itinerary for the 2nd day would be:
  • Gamcheon Village
  • Jagalchi Market
  • Busan Citizens Park to watch the open-air Busan International Firework Festival opening concert
we bid farewell to the night and had a good sleep. the late summer night seemed very pleasant. it was not too cold, i even had the room's window opened for the night.

we woke up early and thought of catching the earliest bus to Gamcheon, from the nearby bus-stop. apparently, the guest house was full-house, as the kitchen and dining room was busy with early morning travelers having breakfast etc. we decided to skip from joining the crowd for breakfast.

the guest-house's owner wrote a note on the notice board - the direction to the bus stop and what bus-number to take to go to Gamcheon. to be on safe side, i asked the hubby to write down to us the name of the place in hanja.

we left the guesthouse. it was passed 7am already. the street in front was still under its rem, only few cars passed by. we strolled along it, following the direction given and finally arrived at the bus stop within less than 10 mins. there was a number 2 bus just left the bus stop as we arrived. we waited for a while before another bus arrived. only few passengers inside, and i stepped on the bus and showed the paper written by the owner to the driver. he nodded, understand. we tapped our Cashbee cards to the machine and moved to the back to the bus, finding our spot. 

the ride took a while. less than an hour. more and more people came in, after few stops made by the driver. and then the ride started ascending the hilly road, heading towards Gamcheon's vicinity. i kept my eyes opened, looking at the surrounding as concern that we might missed the stop, but apparently, as we arrived at the right one, the driver turn himself to us and nodded, sort of telling 'this is it!'.


we were a bit clueless, wondering where to start. the shops along the road still closed. it was still 8am ish, as i looked at my watch. we decided to walk down the road next to bus stop, as we could see the village already.

the camwhoring started, but we hadn't not decided to stroll along the road in front of us as we were pretty sure that was not the main entrance. we turned back to the bus stop and walk towards opposite direction as saw few people (tourists) arrived and walked entering the street next to the shops. ah...that was the main entrance!

there's a information centre next to the entrance where we bought the map of the place - 2000 won. we decided to follow the recommended route - as if doing the treasure hunt, completing the task of getting the stamps on the booklet given with the map.

so the mazing began!


the first challenge for the day was to hike these stairs to the one of the view points. however, since there were few art works to see along the trail, it made the hike 'mentally' less painful. hehe.

before i made my way to the top of the building, i was called by one of the ladies that work at one of the building there, to get my free postcard and then stamp. well, i managed to get 5 stamps so far.

while enjoying ourselves with taking pictures etc. we were greeted by a chinese lady and his father. Malaysian, and both from Johor Bahru, if not mistaken.as we walked down from the rooftop, to the main street of the village, we could see the place now flocked with travelers, mainly locals - school kids, tour group etc. 

we made a stop at one of the small cafes along the street. actually, we were only planned to buy the mango flavored ice blended and continue to walk, but the lady owner of the cafe invited us to sit inside her cafe. i decided to buy latte and then had a break at her cafe. it was a nice and cozy cafe.

we left the cafe and then continued our walk, hunting for all the landmarks highlighted on the map bought.

enjoy the pics!

we finally arrived at the end the main street of the village. i looked at my booklet and saw few stamps were still needed to complete the hunt, and as i studied the map again, there were few places we yet to visit. 

while taking a break and enjoying the view of the village from the view point at the end of the street, an old man that been sitting at the bench nearby waved at us and asked me to see my booklet and map. can't recall much, but his mumbling in korean while point his fingers to certain direction was actually telling us where to go next in order to complete the stamps hunt. 

we thanked him and left the place. the first thing to do was, to get down to the community centre of the village via this 148 stairs known as 'Stairs to Stars'. anyway, it wasn't that straight forward, as we were a bit lost wandering. it was totally like a maze here. huhu.

to be continued ...


  1. Hahaha teringat sesat kat sini haritu. Nak sangat gi waktu senja kan, padan muka. But Gamcheon Village memang worth a visit.

    1. uish..pegi ptg2 sempat ke jalan? hehe..lagila sesat kan kalau dh gelap


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