a late summer memoir (going far east) - the departure

little houses of Gamcheon
Gamcheon Village, Busan
South Korea

October 2014

a long overdue entry, but it is worth telling. so bear with me.


i was planning to go for a photosafari trip, covering  my wishlist off the beaten path route i.e. old silkroad of china....far till the west of xinjiang, but too many things caught me off guard last year, particularly work, hence taking my focus from planning for the trip which should fall during the end of October. in fact i couldn't take a long break too due to my commitment.

so, it left the week of long public holiday in october without any solid plan. still..as bitten by the travel bugs, i goggled, blogwalked..and came to a decision - far east. yes. it was one of my wish list to travel to far east - either japan or south korea last year. and i found AAX good deal for the period that i wanted to travel - rm600 return (not exact) and it was Busan, South Korea.

with the price that good, i asked the whole clan to join, but then mum decided not to...so did ayah (had to)..and left 3 of us to travel again. another  trio trip like chiangmai. the whole planning...including the tickets purchasing were done within a month before the trip. phew.

i have to thank one of the malaysian born ambassador cum avid far-east traveler - azra. thanks babe. your blog has been my ultimate source planning for the trip... specifically your 5 days dynamic busan, that i tried to replicate as much as i could.

the departure

sisters were flying from the hometown the a day before the trip, and we decided to meet at KLIA2 and overnight there instead of opting to drive or taking cab on the morning of the flight itself. i booked them Tune Hotel, and me decided to try the Capsule by Container Hotel.

they arrived in the early afternoon and went straight check-in to the room, waiting me that arrived few hours later. after left my bags at the Tune Hotel...we went out wandering around the Gateaway@KLIA2 including shopping. eheh.

we had our late lunch at Hometown by Hainan Coffee which was reviewed by supermeng malaya recently. well..nothing good to shout - tasteless food and damn expensive..we paid rm130 for 3 person meals. yeap. it was our fault for not looking properly at the price when ordered, because everybody was hungry. but still rm30 per meal...sort of having a meal at a gourmet cafe. sigh.


ok. one thing for sure, despite that we'd been reading Azra's blog ...planning for the trip...none of us made our own itinerary properly...where to go etc. hence, we spent the afternoon having our late lunch while finalising our itinerary. luckily i brought my tablet with me and with the free wifi around... we managed to closely finalise our itinerary. 

we done with the late lunch and the itinerary, hence decided to continue wandering around the mall. and then we went for another break at Nanny's Pavilion. few friends mentioned about this place before, and recommended me to try the pancake. well...we did. the disappointment with the late lunch before finally paid off with these gorgeous so called dessert. other than that, i kinda like the cafe concept and decoration.

we went back to TuneHotel after our break at Nanny's Pavilion. it was past 8pm already, and it had been few hours we were wandering at the Gateway. everybody seemed tired already.

we did another round of packing, trying to minimize hand luggage as i don't like carrying too many stuff etc. in fact we already bought the check-in luggage for 25kg.

i bid farewell for the day to my sisters and then went to check-in to my capsule. ah...i forgot to mention that i booked wrong check-in time at first (9am!), and luckily since the capsules were still available, i was able to change mine without additional charge etc.

the locker. big enough for my backpack and additional bags
the corridor
the capsule

a quick summary about my stay here:
  1. front desk could have been more attentive. i had my booking done and had to wait like ages, as the time taken to entertain the walk-in customers was too long.
  2. i think they should impose no child below certain age allowed, as the walk in customers in front of me - a family with toddler okeh! stayed there...and you'll be expected the night drama thing if this little monster want to. i was wondering why the family didn't go to a better place like the nearby TuneHotel. sigh.
  3. Surau was available in front of this hotel.
  4. Locker was big enough - managed to squeeze in my backpack and camera bag.
  5. Toilet/Shower - limited, but clean and there's hot shower with good water pressure.
  6. Towel & slippers available.
  7. Sleeping experience - yeap good enough for me. slept well. i was lucky as given the lower/floor unit by the way, so it was easier for me to move around and go to the toilet etc.
till then.


  1. Pergh! A family with a toddler! Totally agree with you. I _think_ it would have worked out cheaper for them to book into Tune Hotel if they had booked early? I remember checking Capsule Hotel's rate and thinking that it's cheap _only_ if you're travelling alone + just need a few hours of rest. Might be wrong though. But still, some people probably would be willing to pay for this kind of experience, i.e. sleeping in a capsule.

    1. R.a.W ..agree with you. the hotel will a cheap option if travelling alone and need to few hours of rest. :)

  2. okeh kene try skali capsule hostel ni. mcm besttt je.

    1. hehe..bkn dh penah try this kind of hotel kat jepun kah? hehe..more or less lebey kurang. :)

  3. glad my previous entries dapat nolong ko buat plan for this trip
    waiting for your next entry ..
    capsule hotel tu nampak menarik


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