let's get lost (hingga hujung dunia) - Ranau to Simpang Mengayau

it was noon and past Zuhur time already. we decided to proceed after had a quick lunch in Ranau and to do jama' somewhere later. there are two routes to reach Kudat from Ranau, one would take us via Kota Marudu, while another one, which we chose - went back to Kundasang and took the bypass to Kota Belud.

#if routing back to KK and then drive through till kota belud is not considering another route :P

it was sunny day, until we reached Kundasang back. it started with a gloomy weather because of the mist etc. and then turned to a heavy rain. i poor to those who just arrived Kundasang had to bear with the rain.

by the time we reached the junction to the bypass road, the weather was all good. the road seemed empty, and i felt that we were the only car on the road. interestingly, the bypass road is where you can see Kinabalu from different side. there was even a cafe for the travelers to stop and enjoy the view.but we didn't, as we were not sure how long the road would take us to reach the main road.

the road was ok, with certain parts need to be fixed. but i wouldn't dare to drive along it after dark as the road is crossing the no-man land, and only few small villages towards its exit to the main road.

we reached Kota Belud after one-hour, and tried to find the city mosque as we wanted to pray. however, the gps took us in circle and we ended up exiting Kota Belud already. we kept driving and finally saw a minaret.

we made a stop at Kg. Taun Gusi mosque and had our jama' pray.


we left the mosque and continued our journey. i was, in a way felt proud and humble seeing the spirit of Sabahan celebrating our national day. with flags almost everywhere along the road, and fancy decorated gate at each villages' main entrance.

this is a good spirit and i admire the effort they put to show this patriotisme. sabahan ...bravo! even org semenanjung x segigih ini.


we reached the roundabout where the junction from Kota Marudu and Kudat met, and continued our journey. the journey seemed a bit dreary. nothing much to see now as we could on see few small villages of local ethnic. pardon me...even friend didn't know whether they were bajaus, kadazans or dusuns etc. after 1 1/2 hours of journey, we finally saw the junction to Simpang Mengayau, and we made a turn. 

the phone lost its signal already, and luckily the gps was still dependable. at certain part, the road was bad, and not paved. the was another junction, and we made wrong turn, but luckily it met the main road to the place.

the day was getting late, and it seemed we gonna miss the sunset.

finally. we were at the main road heading towards the Tip of Borneo. we drove the car straightaway to the place.

we made it!

too bad. it was a gloomy evening. no sunset.
but i was awed. yes. we were at the land's end.



  1. hehe. jard..which part of sabah u from? kudat neh?


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