let's get lost (hingga hujung dunia) - Tip of Borneo

Tip of Borneo
Tanjung Simpang Mengayau, Kudat
September 2014

the wind blew so hard, and it felt shaky to stand still. but i couldn't and won't blame the nature. it was too awesome. to be at one of the significant places on earth.

we were at the land's (or island's) end. wide open. facing the sulu sea. 

our first visit to the cape was greeted by a cloudy sky. no sunset etc. it still awed me. unsurprisingly, travellers - lone rangers, family, groupies etc. were flocking the place at that wee hours enjoying the moment of being there, while there was still light to lit up their photos that they were featuring.

we went down, beyond the last step of the stairs, trying to get as close as we could to the tip. but the wind blew that hard...seeing the waves, we gonna get wet. we held our step and decided to sit where it was still dried.

'we have to come back for the sunrise tomorrow', i quoted to friend.

we climbed the rock, back to the stairs, passing the groups of travelers. 

ah...picture with the monument. we waited for a while as there were few people memographing the moment. and then, the place was empty for a while, it was our turn. me and friends were taking turn, photographing ourselves with the monument in our background, while suddenly there was a group of aunties, who was so impatient arrived with attitude. 

impatient in a sense that, indirectly asking us to move away, by telling among them 'cepatla ...nanti dah gelap..nanti gelap tak nampak apa etc.' and they kept repeating those words louder and louder.

#adeh. baru nak tekan shutter button

annoyed. hell ya. first come first serve la makcik. we weren't doing a 2 hours high fashion photoshoot pun. in fact, it was relatively dark already, and if you just using your cheap camera-phone or p&s, nothing stunning would come out, other than your stunned faces. period.

we left the place and drove to Tommy's place, where i booked our stay for the night.

not bad. but it was quite pricey at rm170 per night w/o breakfast etc. i guess the location of the hotel speaks for the price. it was just a short ride away from the cape.

we decided to have dinner at the cafe instead of driving around. not much choices by the way, as explained by the staff other than a cafe at nearby the junction to the beach where we came in after the main road, and also the one that we saw at the parking near the cape, which we suspected already closed by the time were seeking for food.

we looked at the menu, and well...and decided to order butter prawn and fried calamari. okeh...the portion of each surprisingly big...as you can see in the picture below...and worth the price. if we knew, we would just go for a portion either the prawn or calamari. hehehe.

tasty? well...just nice.

nothing much to do at night. and we ended our day earlier as we both tired after a long ride from Ranau to the place. it was raining, and it just added another comfort to our sleep.

the plan to wake up for sunrise went to the drain. hehe. the rain continued till subuh...and we couldn't go out even were already awake.

we went out to the beach, after the rain stopped. the sky was still gloomy, anyway.

we were not long at the beach. by the time i had my tripod set up and ready to shoot...it started to rain, lightly...before we had to rush (run) back to our room because it got heavier in a split.

the luck of the day seemed not on our side. we packed our stuff, getting ready to check out and waited for the rain to stop.

the rain stopped and despite the sky was still gloomy with the cloud, it was better than before. probably it'd get better. we checked out and then headed to the cape again this time. i had a high hope this time to see the clear blue sky, featuring on my pictures...but as said, it was not my lucky day. but it was still ok as the rain stopped already.

we had the place to ourselves this time. yeap..nobody around yet.

we went down again to the rocky cape. the wind, blew hard like the day before, but the sky was getting better than the morning earlier. i set up my tripod and began my so called work. memographing the place.

i think few of the only shot that i managed to capture almost sharp. the long shutter thingy seemed impossible with the wind blew so hard trying to knock down my camera on its tripod. i tried, again and again, gambling my luck at least 1 out of 10 would turn out better. i even had to hold still my tripod while another hand controlling the remote shutter.

i gave up. and decided to do the normal snap shot etc. and self-camwhoring. hahaha.


ah. it was almost 10am already. meaning that we'd been there for quite a while. from nobody was around, untill few cars now arriving. despite, it never felt enough. i mean, i wish i could be there again on a better ( clear ) day...and able to witness the sunrise and sunset from the cape.

so...there'll be another trip?

the stomach was growling already, as we didn't have anything yet for the day.
it was time to leave.


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