let's get lost (hingga hujung dunia) - Ranau

we left Kundasang, and continued our journey to Ranau, where we planned to visit Poring, known for its hot spring. it took a while to reach the place. first, friend was not that familiar with the direction and 2nd, it was weekend and there was a lot of vehicles too, heading to the place.

anyway, we made it. and the designated car park already full by the time we arrived. we had to drive around and finally decided to park at the field near the chalet etc. as we saw few cars entered and parked there.

we were planning to trek until the Langanan waterfall, but since we were already late, we decided to trek until Kepungit waterfall only. Langanan may need us to trek for more than an hour, and we gotta leave Ranau, for a long drive to Kudat later. 

the hot spring already flooded with people from all over the place. it is too commercialized and touristy to my taste. hence, having us trekking and away from the crowd was a pleasure.

there few interesting spots along the trail to Kepungit waterfall like the canopy walkaway, butterfly farm etc. , but we skipped all of those.

finally. it was just 15-20 minutes walk, i would say, we had to do to reach Kepungit from the hot spring area. it was not that secluded and easy to reach, hence explained, there were still a crowd wandering there. 

we already in our wet-clothes, and straightly jumped to the pool. ah..cold water and it was refreshing. there was another group also joining us, but most that managed to trek to the place, just wander around and played at the streamside...dipping their foot etc. for sake of been here, done that. hehe.

we left Kepungit waterfall after half-an-hour, and walked back to the hot spring. gosh..the place was packed, and by the time we reached back the place, there was group of tourist just arrived with a bus.

i think Poring Hot Spring is way overrated. period. i don't have heart to blog about it. other than we had to find our own tub, and the fill in with the hot water for a while ( it felt forever)...and then taking (quick) bath etc. as it was like everybody waiting for an empty tub to bath etc.

i'd rather go to Felda Hot Spring.

we left the place and then made a stop at Ranau for a quick lunch.

we continued our ride to our ultimate destination - Kudat...or specifically Simpang Mengayau.
the aim was to arrive the for the sunset.



  1. aku blom pernah lagi pergi mana2 waterfall kat sabah! padahal itu kampung gw!! hahahaha

  2. jard. biasala tuh. haha. local mmg cenggitu. backyard neh later2 boleh.
    anyway...aku reply ko nye queries pasal hiking to kat - a walk to remember (p27) okeh..haha.

  3. Gi Sungkai jah! Lagi ohsem siap ade gelongsor panjang kat tempat air sejuk kalo da xtahan sgt mandi air panas 💅


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