let's get lost (hingga hujung dunia) - wandering Kundasang ...

we didn't stay up long for the night. the pleasant weather of Kundasang, made everybody sleepy. ah..we met our 'housemates', as we went back from dinner. a honeymoon couple, perhaps? but too bad, they gotta to share the house with us. the heater helped to balance out the room temperature. and it was just nice to let us delve into our rem cycle. it was a good sleep.

we woke up early. well not that early, as my clock was still ticking the peninsular malaysia clock, while it was already bright outside. hehe. we heard people talked outside, and met few others that staying at our chalet and neighbouring. apparently, there was a group of government staff stayed there for short seminar etc. we thought they were going to hike kinabalu.

we left the room for breakfast, walking down towards the cafe. it was pleasant morning, but cold enough for us to see our breath emerged into mist. #jakunmode1

anyway, for those who seek to wake up early morning with kinabalu's view, Mesilau perhaps is not the best option. it is located at higher altitude compared to other lodgings in Kundasang area, as it is one of the gate to the kinabalu trail, but the surrounding is packed with trees etc. hence, blocking the view of the peak.

but it is still perfect place for those who loves nature. i mean waking up to the sound of the flowing water, birds and pleasant weather.

peaks of kinabalu from mesilau resort

the room price was including the buffet breakfast. the spread was plenty enough. the cafe seemed quiet, as we saw only two tables filled with group of hikers. and then there was a family on holiday. 

anyway, seeing those hikers, i just thought that it was late already, since they had not started to hike. mesilau trail adds another 2km distance to the total distance of the trail to laban rata vs. timpohon. probably they were hardcore hikers that able to make in time etc. hehe. last time when i was on the trail, james, our guide mumbling that it was already late...to start hike from mesilau gate at 9am.

we left the cafe, after a while...and met another group of 4 hikers, preparing themselves to hike....and saw another big group gathering at the car park in front of the reception office. walaweyy...kul berapa nak hike neh?

we went back to our room and the started to pack our stuff. we were going to check out early and decided not to return back to the hotel, as we knew it'd be hell a journey to drive back once we left the place.

check-out went in a breeze, and i bid farewell to the lovely ladies at the reception. i guess they still remembered the last night incident where our car almost went into the drain. huhuhu.

1st destination for the day...the dairy farm.
everybody went to kundasang, have been talking about it. we drove down, leaving mesilau, while still figuring out the direction. friend did not have any idea where to go, and again the co-pilot had to open the GPS. by the time the signal came in, we made stop at one of the junction as the mountain could be seen breathtakingly clear.

we saw few tourist vans entering the junction nearby, so did few car..and we only to realize the big signboard of the dairy farm. ceh..depan mata jer. a note, i think this is one thing that i am commonly dealt with my travel partners, as i've the eyes, the pilot, the co-pilot for most of the time. even for simple matters like asking the direction of toilet, sometimes i has to be done by me. sigh.

anyway, we went back to our car and the drove to the place. but before entering the place, we parked our car aside , as like what other cars did, and enjoying the view of kinabalu and the farm. okeh..people said..this is the closest 'new zealand' you could get in our country. hehehe. 

camwhoring went for a while.

we decided to skip the farm, as we looked at our watches. we still have Poring Hot Spring in the list, and we were not just going for the hot-spring, but also plan to go for the waterfall. i thought Ranau was just nearby, but friend told me the ride could be longer.

we then left the dairy farm, and made our way to Ranau.



  1. Beautiful refreshing view :)

    Just a suggestion, maybe next visit u can try stay at Dream World Resort. They have a beautiful view overlooking the Majestic Kinabalu..If u not stay pun u still can drop by at their cafe to enjoy the view..hehe.

    1. An. tq and will take note on that. :)


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