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admiring Kinabalu

words may not enough to express my admiration on this highest prominent peak in south east asia. my endless encounters throughout this road trip, and having the opportunity to see it closer, back in 2012, makes me realize this wonder will stand still as one of my favourites. yes... it is as great as my admiration on the majestic tengger caldera and annapurna.

the day started early. i received message from friend, confirming that he'd be late due to some family errants. plenty time for me to explore KK, i guess. i looked out the window, admiring the calmness of morning along the street. if it was sunday, it won't, as there'd be the happening sunday market.

i went down and decided to skip the breakfast at the common area. well...they only offered toasts, jam and coffee/tea, while my tummy wanted something more. i walked, left the hotel and crossing the main road and finally arrived at Restoran Sri Rahmat.

Friend introduced the place to me, and i'd been going to the place few times, back then when visiting KK. perhaps, one of the only places that i knew selling good breakfast. i mean, they have roti canai, nasi lemak, nasi beriani, soto etc. service was fast too.

i found my favorite spot, and ordered my food. mind still figuring on what to do for next 8 hours. i thought of considering one of the short tour, but it seemed impossible to make a last minute reservation on such. the tours for the day already started by the time i was asking around.

i went back to the hotel, and then packed my stuff and checked out. after leaving my luggage with the reception, i walked towards Suria Sabah. yeap. decided to wander at the mall. killing time with movie and shopping.i managed to slot in 'Lucy' for the afternoon, and then endless 'tawaf' in the mall. hehe.

friend texted me as he was done with his errants, and i decided to leave the mall and looking for lunch. Burger king ...huhu..that was my lunch as i felt bit lazy to walk further to Restoran Sri Rahmat again.

Friend then came to pick me up and the drove to the hotel as i need to get my luggage first. it was passed 3pm already. pretty late actually...as i lost half of the day doing the my common-weekend thing - wandering mall, watching movie etc. but since, the driver had family errants, i couldn't complaint much.


so the journey began!


1st thing - friend asked - bole set GPS? i was like. perluke? well apparently because he was not sure which road to exit from KK. the memory didn't serve him well. pulaaakkk... and as a honorable co-pilot...

we passed the UpsideDown house of tamparuli, and the drove straight to Kundasang as we thought of to watch sunset with the mountain as background etc.

it was getting late...as we passed Pekan Nabalu, one of the favourite spots to see Kinabalu. as i thought we may not be able to make it to Kundasang in time, we decided to stop at the side of the road and enjoying the view.


i think we spent about 20 minutes there. and there were few cars also stopping by...doing the same. it was breathtaking, seeing the golden hour sun light, showering the landscape.

we continued our journey to Kundasang.

another golden moment, as we arrived at the roundabout of Kundasang before making our way to Mesilau. we didn't stop as friend was a bit worried if we couldn't find the way to the resort as it was getting dark.

my memory failed me. back then, when we hiked Kinabalu, i thought the journey from the roundabout was just a moment...but apparently, this time, it took longer than usual. moreover, our car seemed struggling, as the road became steeper.

it was totally dark, with only trees at both sides of road, as we left the village, and then finally found the junction to Mesilau Resort. honestly, i never thought it could be that adventurous. we survived the last stretch of the steep road to the resort, and made a turn to the reception office.check-in went in a breeze as they were expecting us.

apparently, we got to drive further up to get to our room. and this time...things happened.

we were unable to move. the steep road seemed to be too challenging for the CVT gearbox of this proton to overcome. friend pushed the pedal to the max, but the car went static as we left the junction.
we had to reverse the car to the car park of the reception office again, finding space to accelerate.

but again we failed. the car went static again, unable to proceed further. friend just releasing the break and tried to make way back to the car park...and i just realized the car went too close to the drain. and luckily i asked him to stop.as i got out from the car...the rear wheel was already like below...

we were panicked, and i asked friend to hold the brake..while i went back to the reception office..asking for help. and within minutes...it was like the whole resort's staff coming to save us. hehehe. they said it always happen..especially with AT car.


we parked our car and then walked to the room. voila....time to rest.

room price for 2 including breakfast - rm170. couldn't find cheaper alternatives as the booking was made also last minute and friend, despite quoting 'adalah kat sana banyak guesthouse etc.' , had no idea who to contact etc. so yours truly gotta arranged from tanah semenanjung ...

oh..each unit has 3 rooms (twin sharing with bathroom) and shared a common area.

since we dare not to drive back to Kundasang, as didn't want to deal with the steep road etc. , we decided to have dinner at the Resort's cafe. yeap...mahal sehhhh.

the cafe seemed empty, with only few tables occupied. probably we were late already or people went out to the town for dinner.we sat for a while enjoying the cold night, while sipping the hot chocolate etc. and talked, catching up with things that had been going since the last time we met. 

we decided to check out early tomorrow, and continued the journey straightaway, instead of coming back to the hotel after wandering kundasang etc. as what had happened with the car before tells a lot. and we didn't want it again.

#lepas dah tinggalkan mesilau masing2 baru berani buat speku - ke ada menda tumpang sampai keta takleh gerak? huhuhuhu...

till then


  1. mujur kereta tak terjerumus ke lembah yang hina...

    mujur kau selamat

    mujur pekerja resort dtg membantu...

    mujur benor la nampak puncak kinabalu terang benderang cam tu

    mujur agip.. mujur.....

    1. mujur meng. mujur ... hehe

  2. menitis air mata tengok gambar2 golden moment tu...perghh!!

    1. hehe..sgt priceless..tgk dari jauh cam tu..such an admiration :)

  3. hahaha..byk betul mujur abg meng tp betul gak, mujur selamat..hihi

    dejavu betul kinabalu nie kan..skali dtg mesti nk dtg lagi :)

    1. yeap. glad selamat...sbb trip neh konpem cancel kalau keta tu sangkut n rosak etc. hehe.


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