let's get lost (hingga hujung dunia) - prelude

the land's end - poster on the wall in my room

a week after bali trip, i flew to KK for another weekend break. it was during the Malaysia Day weekend. my travelbuddy has been transferred back to his hometown, hence got me find another reason to plan for this trip. 

i think it is typical for a local, where you don't normally explore your own backyard, so did my friend. i mean the ultimate destination for this trip was to reach the land's end i.e. tip of borneo, and he had never been there. more reason, in a way, to embark on the roadtrip.

wait...have i explore my own backyard i.e. Italy bak kata meng? hehe...pot cursing kettle black #ohmyenglish.

our route for this road trip :

KK - Kundasang - Ranau - Kota Belud - Simpang Mengayau - Kudat - KK

i left for the last MAS flight to KK, straight away after office. friends were puzzled to see me in office attire, wearing sandals and then carrying my backpack, rushing to the elevator to leave the building. hehe. gotta to move fast or else i have to entertain all the questions on my wherebeing.

flight was full that night, and it bumpy at certain part of the journey. but then flying with 737-800 always a pleasure for me as i could enjoy the in-flight, other than just reading the Going Places, or sleep.

it was almost midnight as i arrived KK airport. i took the cab to the hotel. despite the last minute arrangement, i managed to book Gaya Lodge Hotel at a good price. i chose a single room despite the dorm, as knowing that i'd be arriving late.

it was late, and the famous Gaya Street of KK seemed empty. perhaps, other than the secret entity...well know. the hotel located at the 1st floor of the shophouses lot and i was greeted warmly by the staff, despite it was already past midnight. check-in went in a breeze, and i had to drag myself and the backpack to another floor as my single room was at another level.

the bed

the TV

the bathroom - hotshower available

i had my shower, and then settled my prayers etc. at this late, it was hard for me to close my eyes. but i finally managed to, after a while. 

good night. a long day waiting tomorrow ...


  1. Salam, Agip. I think you're right. Most of us don't really explore our own backyards. I know I used to take it for granted, knowing, or rather thinking, that our own backyard is always going to be there waiting "for us" to explore whenever we feel like it. The problem is the "whenever" part is, more often than not, is actually "never", heheh!

    Anyways, I digress. I haven't been to Sabah although I'd love to. So am looking forward to reading about this road trip of yours soon! :)

    1. salam RaW...agree with the 'whenever' part. we tend to loose the sight on this. anyway..thanks for the interest, will write about it more soon.

  2. Tip of borneo..siyes mmg sgt cantik..The sunset & sunrise view is awesome!
    Can't wait to see it from your lense :)


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