going paradise - a tioman revisit (part 3)

our last day in Tioman. 

yes..you read it right. it was just a short breakaway before Ramadhan, and was planned within a glance of time, hence i didn't have luxury.

of course, i wish i could spend my breakaway longer there.

we woke up early as usual that morning, and then headed for early breakfast. few hours left, before our ferry to Tg Gemok. last time we did go for another snorkelling at the Marine Park, since Nazri's place was just a strolled away.

we thought of renting the bicycle and then ride for last snorkeling, but then all the wet clothes already been packed.we decided to wander around Tekek.

we walked towards the marina and then found our way to the beach. apparently, next to the marina, there was a beautiful stretch of beach, heading towards berjaya resort area. original beach, instead of the farm out area where most of the Tekek beach-stretch are.

we walked as far as the beach allowed us to go, and then went back to the street, passing the resorts nearby. we made a stopped at the duty free shop and bought some chocolates, and souvenirs..well those were for my family back home.

suku sakat batman
we went back to the hotel and packed our stuff. it was time to go. we checked out and walked towards the jetty. it was still early and we stopped at one of the cafe near the jetty and had our lunch. 

the place...i mean most of the cafes there were packed with passengers to board, that decided to have lunch prior leaving the island. 

we headed to the waiting/boarding area at the jetty, straight after the lunch as it was hot to wait outside.

ah...the ferry was delayed. it was supposed to be 1pm..but we left Tekek after 2pm...and then as the ferry went to other jetties to pick-up other passenger...we happened to leave Tioman after 3pm.

the ferry operator did magic again this time, as they went back to Tekek jetty to pick-up those who's heading to Mersing. well..it seemed a normal thing as i bet the Mersing water probably on low tide, hence no ferry able to went out to the sea.

i saw people started to fill in the empty seats and some of them had to sit at the upper deck etc.


the tv was playing 'abang long Fadhil' again...and i had no mood to watch it as the delay had eaten up all my energy and patient. i decided to sleep, once the Tioman was missing from my view.

it was already passed 5pm as we arrived Tanjung Gemok. and as i guessed, the were few buses, waiting to fetch the Mersing's passenger.

we both left the jetty and went to the nearby mosque for jama' prayer. and then Pojie took me to see his brother's and in-law's beach chalet. nice..and probably an option for a weekend gateaway. but then..you have Tioman for another 2 hours boat ride...why would i stay at Rompin's beach? hehe.

i left Rompin around 6pm and drove fast...as i didn't want to drive along the road between rompin and pekan, at night time. creepy! as there was no light etc. and then nothing on both sides, other than empty land, and jungle..hehe.

i arrived home passed midnight. finally...and then had a good sleep, tired because of the long drive.

#esoknye terus keje...huhuhu


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