going paradise - a tioman revisit (p2)

day 2. 

it began early with hearty breakfast, complimentary with the room rate that we paid. it was quiet, probably was not a peak season. there were only us at the cafe, and then joined by another couple and one small group of travelers.

we were told to wait at the marina, just a strolled away from our hotel. a short walk, passing the area where we had to wander (while lost) looking for the hotel the day before. it was 9am already and we went straight to the dock, looking for Mie, our boatman. no sign of him yet.

i gave him another call, and he was actually arrived already, preparing the boat for us. we were told to walk further down and finally met him.

he passed us the life jacket and the snorkelling gear. good. it was a new set, and fully functional. last time, back in 2012, Nazri's place provided us the worn-out life jacket with the un-working strap etc.


Mie was still preparing the boat, refuelling the engine etc. and after a while we were set to go. voila!

our route as below - referring to Coral Island trip

Beach - Malang Rock - Marine Park (we requested to skip) - Salang - Renggis. since we requested to skip Marine Park, Mie brought us to 2 snorkeling spots at the Coral Island. 

can't remember the exact name of the beach/island we first stopped.
the first stop was nothing fancy, well..the beach was nice with white sandy beach..but then it was too early to rest and 'sub-bathing' at the beach. the water was not that interesting for snorkelling, but you have to swim further to see the corals etc. i didn't dare as it was facing the open sea, and i am not a good swimmer.

we were then taken to the next spots, around the coral island. and yes...i think this time i had a better view, despite i was wearing non-power mask.

the water was that clear and i was really excited to jump and snorkel. with a bag of bread, and i swam enjoying the view underneath, while feeding the fishes.


it has been almost 2 hours since we left Tekek, and half of my energy already drained. Mie called us and told that we'd be heading to Salang for lunch. 

fun fact. our boat was a small boat...and honestly, it was a scary experience to ride from Tekek to Coral...as we were crossing the wave etc. somehow, Mie impressed us with his skill maneuvering the boat. 

i had a long sigh, as i felt relief as we arrived Salang.

it was lunch time, and Salang has been stopover for most snorkeling trip-goers for lunch.

from Salang...Mie took us to Renggis..as we decided to skip Marine Park. another nice spot for snorkeling.

i was enjoying feeding the fish, while suddenly my friend tapped on my shoulder and pointing towards a big white fish. 'Ikan Yu!'. i froze for a while, while friend told me to stop move and ensure the both of the soles pointing upwards..as it might attract the fish.

crap. it scared hell out of me. and it was so obvious, as Mie noticed me swam so far towards the boat.

'Ikan Yu ade kat bawah tu bang!'

He laughed. yeap..it was its habitat there, and won't disturb people - he said. but then with the size that big...i would take no risk to keep swimming. hehehe.

friend noted me already on the boat and told me..it went away already. but then...i had enough snorkeling for the day...

we ended our trip for the day around 4pm and went back to hotel once Mie dropped us at the marina. after a quick rest, we went out again. this time, each of us rent a bicycle..and decided to ride towards the Marine Park...hoping for another chance to taste the ABC.

too bad. it was closed already..and we decided to continue the ride to the jetty..

a stall still opened and we bought rojak buah..and then had it while enjoying the sunset. the sounds of the stall owner kids playing around broke the silent of the calm evening.

yeap..Labu and Labi were the kids. they came closer to us as seeing me setting up the tripod to do the slow shutter thing etc.

kids...they were lovely and chatty. teasing me with the 'teka-teki' etc.

we bid farewell to them as darkness approaching. a short ride back to the hotel..and we returned the bicycles.

we went out again that night for dinner...and then end our day with a good sleep. ...


  1. Owh budak labu labi ni, patut la macam pernah baca, sambungan cerit lama nih, haha


  2. hannan..yeap sambung cite lame. ari tu cam interlude sket2...hehe.


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