going paradise - a tioman revisit (p1)

somehow...it is kind of a ritual for me. other than Bali trip, i always have a 'beach' gate-away trip which involves snorkeling, once a year. i have Mabul and Perhentian in my wishlist for this year.But then, after half of the year, it was sad to note that i had to let go the plan to discover mabul or perhentian (as in my 2014 wishlist) for the time being, due to some circumstances.


as usual, as per random fact, why not revisit where i left my foot prints before? Tioman came into my mind. It has been two years since my last trip, and yes..familiarity with route (driving) and what to do when there, among the reasons.

i only decided about the trip within a week..after came back from my business trip in Hanoi..and then a quick whatsapp with pojie..and as soon as i received a confirmation from my boss that my one-day leave approved..the ball rolled.

it was friday morning and i left KL after subuh. i was still dark, and the ride passed the calm morning of karak highway. after a while, i entered the east coast highway, and the straight-lane of the highway, really kicked my adrenalin to push the pedal for more. eheh.

2hrs later, i arrived at gambang exit, and continued driving towards kuantan. i decided to take kuantan-pekan new road, instead of the old-Tun Abdul Razak Segamat-Gambang road. it took me a while to reach to the junction to Pekan, as i had to bear with early morning traffic entering the city.

finally, after more than 3 hours of driving, i finally arrived Kuala Rompin. i went straight to Pojie's house to pick him up and then drove us to the Tanjung Gemuk  jetty to take the ferry to the island. Pojie already bought the tickets , RM35/pax/oneway.

the ferry ride to the island took about 2hours. i spent most of the time watching the movie the showed on the ferry tv, fall asleep, woke up and then chat with pojie.

we finally arrived at Tekek Jetty around 1pm, after the ferry dropped the passengers at earlier jetties - Genting, Mukut etc. can't recall much. but most of the passengers left the ferry at Tekek Jetty.

i let Pojie did the hotel booking this time as he said there's a good spot in Tekek, and he booked us Persona Island Resort this time. however, it was still early for check-in, and we decided to have lunch at the Tekek Jetty food court first.

ah. despite been telling me he'd been to the resort etc. , apparently he forgot the location, and we had to walk for a while, wandering under the hot-sun, looking for the resort. the resort located about 20 minutes walking distance from the Tekek Jetty area, and it took us more than that, because of we were lost. hehehe..with our backpacks etc.

check-in went smooth as the receptionists were expecting us already. i mean they were chatting and quoting pojie's name as we arrived.

pojie : hah..sayalah pojie tu..
makcik : oooo kamu lerrr.

hehehe. friendly and charming.

our room at Persona Island Resort, that cost rm110 per night, including breakfast. clean and good enough. but i think we could have for better for the price. :) but then since it was a last minute plan, we settled with what we had.

we had a rest for a while since there's nothing much to do in the afternoon. we went out after asar, decided to go to the Tioman Marine Park. we walked from the hotel, passing the small-town of Tekek, until the end of the concrete road where the Tioman Marine Park is.

we passed this statue of a giant bird - Tiong or Hill Myna... and apparently..labu and labi that i met the day after told me, the name of the island is originated from this bird.

we made a stop, somewhere along the road, and bought this marvelous ABC, before continued our walk to the Tioman Marine Park.

we rented snorkelling gear and life jacket at the stall nearby the jetty at rm15, and the bread for the fish... then voila!..started to jump to the sea and swim with the fishes.

it was late afternoon already, and most of the tour already ended, hence the place was not so crowded like what i experienced in Redang last year. only fews that still around, bringing tourists, while some were like us, who stayed nearby the marine park.

ah...it was amusing and calm, to see how the life-pace moving at this hour, with the local kids enjoying the sea...with the their laughs etc.

once my bread all eaten by the fishes, i decided to swim back to the jetty and dry up myself, and then went to the stall to return my snorkelling gear and life jacket.

i went back to the jetty sat down at the end of the jetty...watching the sun to set.

it was  almost dark already as we left the jetty of the Tioman Marine Park. another 40 minutes walk to the hotel and we made a stop at one of the restaurant there, and had a light meal (?). hehe..all the energy already drained, probably.

we continued to walk to the hotel, and realized that we had not finalise yet the plan for tomorrow. Pojie was quite confident that we can find a good tour deal etc. , yet he had slightest idea who to call etc. until we finally passed the Tekek Jetty and saw this..

we made a call..well it was actually me that ended up making the arrangement etc. the good thing about this guy, they can take as minimum as 2-pax for the trip, which is good for us. anyway..other tour operator couldn't cater us as we were late already to make the booking, and most of them unable to accept minimum pax of 2.

so with this guy, we decided to take the Coral Island trip - rm250 per-boat. yeap..it'd be much more cheaper if you able to find more people, as the rent is as per-boat, and inclusive of (new) life jacket and snorkelling gear etc.

we went out for dinner again that night at one of the restaurant near the hotel. and called off our day early. it'd be a long fun-day tomorrow!


  1. ooo naik kat tanjung gemok ker... ferry dia cepat sikit compared to naik kat mersing kot.. ha apa citer labu labi tu?

    1. naek kat tanjung gemok..sbb member aku duk kat rompin..pastu drive dr KL cam lg dekat as sampai rompin dulu...unless aku turun ikot segamat etc.

      ferry dia x tau meng lagi cepat or lambat..but low risk sket sbb tade effect kalao air surut...x silap aku mersing selalu kena route ke tg gemuk kalao air surut... (yeap..aku dh kena 2 kali..ferry tanjung gemok ni amik org yg nk turun ke mersing)

  2. Kalau nak jimat masa dari KL better pergi Mersing ke Tanjung Gemok?

    1. Hakim ... saya tak pernah cuba drive ke Mersing ikut jalan yg biasa bas lalu i.e. tak silap saya ikut N9, potong ikut gemas, segamat etc. Saya drive dari Gombak, ikut LPT and then keluar di kuantan...and kalau dari sini...akan jumpa tanjong gemok first..then baru mersing. KL-Tg Gemok...bole buat 3-4 jam..early morning...then tambah lagi 30-45 min kalau nk terus ke Mersing sbb dh dekat.

      Cuma Tg Gemok ade satu ferry sehari..pergi balik..kul 11pm ke Tioman ...


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