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ahah.. i don't do tagging, usually. but once you got tagged by the famous superhero of the travellers' club, you gotta to do! hehe. tq meng! in fact, i has been a while, i write about myself. well...it is writing in general... my chiangmai travelogue just completed, and i gotta few more waiting. sigh...somehow, this year has been my busy year (with work)...all because of the upgrading. anyway...like other superhero used to say ' big power, too much big responsibility'. in other words..distraction.

the overthink me ...carrying even a 2kg tripod when hike

enough rambling. so 10 random facts about me : when i am travelling ...


1. camera stuff - overthink (too much) what camera gear to bring/pack and always ended bringing more than enough, but used only a body and a lens. 

my gear of the day - nex7 and CZ 16-70mm (source- google)

2.not much photo of me when travelling - reason being, as always the person behind the camera..and  most of my travel companion unable to get me my best angle  etc. hahaha. #sentap.. but now dah nak berjinak2 with selfie guna monopod (ergh..)

gambar kaki jer banyak....

3. last minute packing ... a habit that now has become a skill...or vice versa..so malam before the travel sempat lagi...eventhough for some trip like the mega trip..already giving the thoughts on the ootd..but ended up packing last minute jugak... hehe...3 modes of packing - the lightweight one if i'm going for a beach vacation..where i only need to bring my speedo boardshort and dry fit t-shirt, the usuals - everything except for jackets and hiking shoes ... and the heavyweight - jackets, hiking pole etc.

oh...fun fact..been using the same High Siera backpack that i bought for rm200++ since 2006 for most of the trip...and sangat impress beg ni bertahan lagik..and even survived being the anchor-beg for the porter when we were hiking in nepal last year

high-sierra surviving the tough trip

4. window seat while flying ... ah..first because of the view, and then because i don't like to go to plane's washroom to do biz.  besar ke kecik..and that's why whenever flying, i'd make sure i don't eat sembarangan etc. another reason, malas nak rush2 keluar dari plane etc.unless perlu...

5.makan - tak cerewet...i could wander around, with only a meal. and if don't have halal option, i could live with the next available ... as long as the place is clean (yeap...kena food poisoning kanggg)

menjadi vegetarian di bumi nepal ...

6.itinerary - alwayz have in mind to try to be adventurous...but because i don't have the luxury of time, itinerary..even simple pun..a must have. and since most of my trips...i have travel companion, which normally depends on me to be the travel planner...itinerary is a must to ensure soklan-soklan  'kita nak pegi mana pulak lepas ni' etc. dapat dijawab dgn pasrah dan kurang sentap.

7.tend to travel to similar places ...if dah betul2 suke - bak kate pepatah melayu - tempat jatuh lagikan dikenang...inikan pula tempat __________ , isi tempat kosong. hehe...obvious example is Bali. yeap...i am in love with the island..particularly ubud. been there 5 times already...and itupun cam ade lagi tempat nk kena cover lagi...and also east java .. huhuhu.

Tegallalang of Bali

8. travel companion - ok. most of my trip...paling kurang i'll have a friend to tag along and the biggest group i'd travel with rasanya 9 orang kot...and i think 3-4 is the best for group travel. why? when travel berdua neh...most of my travel-mate are depending on me untuk jadik travel planner, booking etc. ...while when it comes to 9-people in group...despite aku dah penat2 buat itinerary, booking sana sini...so that everybody will be happy etc...akan ada yang last minute buat statement - eh you guys pegilah..i nak lepak2 jer petang nih..aiyaaa...despite that keep asking where to go next. if going with 3-4 people...well just enough heads, to give you headache..and kalau gaduh ke ape..haha..bole pilih side and ade yg jadi pendamai ... (note that aku tak macam neh...my travel companion mostly) ---- matila aku kena sumpah dgn diaorg lepas neh. fun fact - trip i'd been travelling alone...is the farthest that i'd been ...to the States...well..eventhough biz trip that mixed with leisure...still an eye opener...as i had to deal with US airport security etc. huhuhu...

9. activities - since i'm considering myself as an avid photographer...sightseeing nature wonders is my favorite activity. and i'd prefer to travel to the off-beaten path trail etc. to see the mountains etc. despite dah tua-tua nih tak larat nak hiking jejauh/lelama..Nepal was my ultimate achievement so far...and i'd love to challenge myself someday to somewhere adventurous...

art and culture come second in my list to see

ramayana ballet of parambanan temple
apsara dance - siem reap
and modern-city become third ...hence the reason i don't fancy jakarta, bandung, temasik, theme park etc. to be in my list. even if i were to visit a developed country like Japan / Korea etc. i think i'll seek the first two..and then wander for the neon light of the skyscrapers...

10. shopping - i love wandering around the art/night/local market, but always clueless what memento to buy. and paling parah...when i got to think what to buy for the roslans...hehehe. i used to think postcards is enough...but now with the fridge magnet become an anthem...that's the least i'd buy...but then if i happen to wander at Pak Wayan's (the painter) house in Ubud...then it'll be different story.

ok..10 facts....phew...

sometimes you never realized how much travelling will reveal and push your true self. writing this as a an open book self-reflection, just proved things are.but again...most of all..travelling taught me how to mend and be flexible whenever we are pushing ourselves from comfort zone, even for a moment like..choosing where or what to eat ...

yeap. i am still in my comfort zone..hence explained why i have number 7.

p/s: nak tag sape? aku tag my bros ...  Khai and Azuan ...haha..silalah kalau ade kelapangan. 


  1. Tak habis-habis upgrading....

    1. hehe.mcm upgrading belt taekwando bro. tak abes2. btw...ape cite skrg?

    2. Biasa la tu agip, aku pom upgrading jugak, menulis, memasak, makan, menjual, hew hew

  2. Hahahah. Tq Agip... lebih kurang dgn aku je la cara travel ni..

    so where next?

    1. welkam meng. hehe...ofkos la meng. ko antara inspirasi. aku cuma tgu masa nk try betul2 bekpek sesorang neh.

      hmm..next will be short trip g kpop. tahun neh susah nk cuti lelama. so juz amik peluang cuti2 long weekend.

      ko? mega trip g mane neh?

  3. xde pegi mana dah. cuti dah abis. projek dah kick off... tahun depan baru buleh plan


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