rose of the north (p15) - leaving Chiang Mai

this has taken too long. my apology. just to wrap up the travelogue.

it was the last day. as i had flight to catch to Doha at night, i had to change the return flight to earliest possible, and it was the morning flight. 

we packed already our stuff the night before, and then went for early breakfast. 

it was 7am already, and we hadn't seen any sign of Prem yet. the sisters waiting at the hotel lobby, while me was like here and there, wandering around, looking at my watch and then outside. still no sign.

i decided to call Prem and it took a while for him to pick up the phone. guess what? he was still sleeping..and totally forgot about our arrangement on the airport transfer.


i just hung up while he was apologizing. erghh. i went to the hotel lobby and asked the staff to get us a taxi to the airport. they were helpful. one of them went out to street and managed to get the one of the typical converted low-rise pick-up truck for us. 200 baht. 

and here we go! morning ride passing the quiet morning of Chiang Mai, to the airport.

check-in went smooth, as it was still early and the queue still short. we went straight to the departure hall and waited. there was a group of malaysian too flying out that day.

#rombongan cik kiah gayanye.

it was time to depart. adieu Chiang Mai!

as we landed, we got to rush back. luckily the traffic was ok. bought a late pack lunch for sisters, then packed another luggage to Doha..and then left home for Doha at 430pm.

my verdict on Chiang Mai?

just ok. i don't feel that excited to go back. probably due to our lack of planning, i couldn't see Chiang Mai as interesting as it should, other than the elephant camp visit (with some reservation) and Sakura hunting.



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