the two sides

i was having my sahur. then decided to browse my insta ( is now become a habit), and saw John's post on #MH17. it was a bit blurry, as i didn't know what was going on and i thought he mistakenly typed and was reminiscing the #MH370 incident.

it was a tragic lost. too tragic to bear, even for nobody like me.
i was and am too angry.

if i were 'one of them' (Xmen/Heroes re-quote), i'll hunt down the culprit to the ground.
yes. i am more angry than sad.


Ya Allah.
Give them strength to bear the loss, and strength to move on.


i was browsing for the news, while waiting to jump start my daily routine. i saw new entry on stevehuff posted by Justin. a such inspirational work. glancing through it, has brought me back mental state to rational (vs. entertaining my anger).

breath and embrace life, of us and of people around us.


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