rose of the north (p13) - Doi Inthanon ... chasing sakura

the pink sakura of Doi Inthanon

i encountered the same sight back in November, while trekking along annapurna trail. it was the blooming time for himalayan sakura. but in Chiang Mai, it was forecasted during the week of our visit (3rd week of January). i was excited to know that other than Baan Khun Chang Kian that we missed to visit the day before, Doi Inthanon is where we could see these cherry blossom.

upon riding to the top of the mountain, we could see already the trees along the road, and Teng promised to make a stop for us to take pictures when we going back. 

our first stop after the walking in the clouds at the Royal Flower Garden was the market, which located next to the road. there where a lot of fresh products sold - fruits, flowers, vegetables and even dried fruit, nuts etc. we bought few pack of cashew nuts and settled ourselves enjoying the hot sweet-potatoes in the pleasant weather of Doi Inthanon.

Teng told us she would drive us to the place where we could take pictures with a lot of sakuras in the background. i think it was a small junction from the main road, that led us to the village and voila...

apparently, the place was a favourite spot for visitors to scout for sakura. and again we were lucky, it was at the peak of the blooming. i know, it may not be as breathtaking as watching sakura in japan, but still a worth sight to appreciate and enjoy.

we left the place after had enough camwhoring session, and made a stop at Wachirathan Waterfall, before continued our long journey back to Chiang Mai.

ah. we only had the sweet-potatoes for lunch. Teng told us we could eat at the cafes next to the waterfall. but then, as expected ' mane ade halal'. hehe. i think it is a common perception of them, travel agent/tourist guide of Thailand, to note 'halal' as no-pork, regardless how the source of the meat being slaughtered. 

so...we had to bear for a while, riding the long journey back to Chiang Mai with empty stomach, for the 3rd time. yeap...all the while for past 2 days there, we had to settle with late lunch.



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