rose of the north (p11) - an afternoon in Bao Sang

note : sorry. a longggg and overdue entry. the worklife has really eaten up all my motivation and energy to keep the momentum on writing. the series should have concluded long ago, but as of now, i'm still writing about the day 2 of the trip.

we left the disappointing Karen Long Neck Tribe village and headed to Bao Sang. i told Prem about the festival, and Prem seemed to have less idea when i showed him the photo of the poster. 'You can shopping there sir!' Prem favourite's quote on our next destination. it was a hot afternoon, and the ride took a while. long enough, to make us dived into the rem cycle. we woke up as Prem stopped the ride at a junction and he pointed his finger to the entrance of the street that headed to the Bao Sang villages, where the Umbrella Festival was held.

'you can have lunch there and shopping!. i leave you here and call me back when you want to go back to the hotel'

#berapa kali nak quote pasal shopping?

so there we were, at the entrance of the main street of Bao Sang Village, where the annual Umbrella Festival took place.

at first sight the place seemed happening. almost all the buildings there were decorated with the colourful paper-umbrella and there were few activities held at the main stage which located at the entrance of the street. we decided to pass it first, as we were hungry and trying to look for place to have our lunch first.

we kept walking while wandering along the street, and it took a while until our feet sore.we just realized that after almost 1km of walking, there was only one 'proper' restaurant we encountered. of course, it was non-halal, where the 'p@rk' was all over the menu.

#kembang tekak jap.

we continued walking and then finally made a stop at one of the small shop, that was selling drinks and ice-cream. it was such a relieved, after a long walk under the hot sun. the sisters seemed no longer enjoying the walk, as we were still hungry and plus, there were nothing interesting about the street, other than the colourful decoration, celebrating the Festival.

while enjoying our drinks, we heard an announcement made and then followed by the parade of the beauty pageant's contestants, riding the bicycle along the street.

we continued to walk further and finally found a stall owned by a muslim lady, who was selling local 'kuih' and including doughnuts, samosa etc. that was our lunch, despite the taste was just so-so. we had too, especially both sisters.

we no longer had the motivation to walk further and decided to turn back. another long walk..until we saw a sign to an umbrella factory. we thought of visiting it and made a turn, we walked further inside the and found the place, but then the workers pointed us to the showroom, which happened to close. it was another disappointment. and we walked out from the place and continued walking.

we finally reached the entrance, and only to notice that the tourist centre where you can see the paper-umbrella making process etc. but again, we were no longer had the motivation. i made a call, and asked Prem to pick us up, and he asked us to wait for 20-30 minutes. 

#konpem dia balik umah dulu neh!

Prem arrived and then we went back to the hotel. as we left Bao Sang, Prem pointed to few factories/shops along the road and quoted ' sir don't want to shop silk, souvenir etc.?'

#whatdehek la mamat neh.

we cared less. we just wanted to go back to the hotel. we took a short rest, pray and then went out, looking for (another) late lunch. the owner of the first halal shop that we went was still there, wandering around and waiting for customer, and we were the usual suspect. we declined his offer and walked further as wanted to try another shop. 

there was another row of halal eateries within the anusarn market area, and we went to one of it. the owner was also from middle east, as the menu depicted. but we decided to try something oriental, and settled with the seafood fried rice and something like our nasi paprik. we were hungry, hence everything seemed good for us.

we wandered a while around the market, and went back to the hotel as it was still early and the sellers were still setting up the stalls etc. before that, we made a stop at one of the travel agent, and surveyed on the available trip to fill our third day there. we were thinking to go for the Doi-Ithanon trip, and the agent (muslim) quoted the price would be 1000 baht per pax, for a group tour. the price for private tour seemed to high.

we finally decided to ask Prem to drive us again, despite all the drama we had so far. he quoted 3000 baht for the day trip to Doi-Ithanon, and somehow made me happy when he said ' you can visit sakura tomorrow sir!'.

we went out again visiting the night market, after had our jama' pray, and end the day with foot massage at the parlor next to our hotel.



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