rose of the north (p10) - karen long neck tribe

a long overdue entry.

we left Doi Suthep and heading to the next destination - karen long neck tribe settlement, which located almost 1hr journey from there. as we went down the hill of Doi Suthep, I asked Prem again about the pink sakura, and told him about the place. 

prem : oh sir..this place is near Doi Suthep. if now we go down...for sakura we go up'

#siot jer mamat neh. beria aku bagitau awal2 tadi..tade pulak mention pasal tempat tu satu jalan pegi Doi Suthep.

totally pissed me off. 

the ride to the karen long neck tribe settlement, felt long. it was already noon, and kinda hot, hence we ended up enjoying our rem cycle. i woke up as the ride made a turn at one of the familiar junctions, which we encountered the day before when we visited the elephant camp.i thought it was going to be long ride from the junction, as my impression that the so-called village, would be somewhere near the foot hill etc. but just a glance after the junction, prem made a stop and then parked the ride near few of vehicles that parked at an empty land.

we finally arrived. and beyond the trees next to the parking - the karen long neck tribe settlement. 

i was still sleepy, as waking up from the short nap during the ride...hence explained my 'macam kena bomoh' act, to agree paying 500 baht per person, to visit the settlement. we were actually told by prem that there was no entrance fee etc. , but what happened, as i realized from my sleepy mode while wandering around the place...totally pissed me off for the 2nd time of the day.

i keep quoting the place as 'settlement', as i don't think it is the 'orignal' village of the tribe. as we strolled along, all that we could see were stalls selling the knitted works etc. which was attended by the women of the tribe.

it was quiet there, proof that almost nobody come to visit. with rm50 per person per entrance, the place is a total commercialization of the tribe.

the only thing that could lighten up my mood was, at least we managed to meet few friendly women of the tribe that ok with us having their photo taken etc. nothing more than that. the google-images of the place is sort of a cultural village..where i thought i could see them in their community..and do their work etc. , was totally eclipse with this big-commercialization camouflage.

we left the place, with such disappointment..and headed to our next destination - Bao Sang village.

Prem (excitedly) : sir, you can go shopping there!

#muke penat & tak puas hati....


  1. If I were you I'd be pissed off too, haha! I haven't been to north of Thailand but I have met some people from a similar long neck tribe while touring Inle Lake in Myanmar. Apparently they walk miles down the hill from their village to sell their produce at some of the markets around the lake. Fascinating stuff, although I'm not sure if they enjoy being stared at by tourists to the area, haha!


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