rose of the north (p8) - a thing of beauty

the old lady of karen long neck tribe village
chiang mai, Jan 2014

she was a lovely old lady. lovely, as she was very welcoming when we stopped at her stall, selling her works - scarf etc. and kind enough to entertain our request to take pictures etc.perhaps...she was the eldest, that we encountered while visiting the place.

i was equally impressed, to notice how the young girls of karen tribe, living with the tradition, while at the same time having their smartphones browsing the social medias, connecting them to the world. i mean, regardless how hype the world outside evolving, nothing can take their stands on their own definition of beauty.


  1. mak ai. gambar makcik ni buat aku hampir berlari menyorok belakang peti sejuk..

    mcm mentadak mentadu.

    tapi comey

    1. haha..lari meng. jgn tak lari...


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