rose of the north (p7) - the golden stupa of Doi Suthep

good morning chiang mai!

it was our 2nd day in chiang mai. the plan for the day was to visit Doi Suthep, Long Neck Tribe Village and Bao Sang Village. i was still browsing and trying hard to figure out where we should we go to watch sakura. our driver seemed too clueless, and i think he was just too clueless. i'd been browsing this Chiang Mai Specialist for so many times before the trip, and was glad our visit coincide with the week where the cherry blossom was forecasted. so, this should be part of the plan for the day.

we waited at the lobby after had our breakfast and Prem arrived at 9am as agreed. i excitedly quoted to him that the Bao Sang Umbrella Festival was happening at the moment, and again he seemed clueless, and only quoted ' good for shopping!'.

we headed to our first destination of the day - Doi Suthep. it is among the highest peaks in the region and hosted the famous golden stupa. Some facts on the temple from wikipedia

The Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep temple is on top of the hill. This Buddhist place of worship dates back to the year 1383 when the first chedi was built.[3] It is an important pilgrimage spot for the devout and a legend featuring a white elephant is connecteed to this revered site. There are spectacular views of Chiang Mai city and its surroundings from the top of this mountain.

it took a while to reach the place from the city. the ride was about 40 minutes, and half of it was ascending the steep road of the hill.

Prem left us at the entrance and told us that we could take the elevator to the temple, instead of climbing the stairs.

we took the elevator to reach the top of the hill where the wat nestled. it was a short ride, luckily, because the elevator was claustrophobic enough, plus you had to deal with other people (the loud speaker, the impatient, the smelly). hehe.

we spent quite some time, wandering around the place. enjoy pics.

chiang mai from the top of the hill

one of the entrances to the main stupa
the little monk 
the lil' kids performing in front of the entrance

the main golden stupa

another group of kids performing

the place was packed with everybody - the tourists and the locals who came for praying etc.

we left the temple, via the famous 'dragon' stairs this time. and the met Prem at the car park. we then moved to our next destination - the long neck tribe village.



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