rose of the north (p6) - wandering Anusarn Market ...

one of the many places quoted as the 'night market/bazaar' of Chiang Mai. and the good thing is, it is just a block away from our hotel. 

we went out again after maghrib, and made a stop for dinner, despite our (unsatisfying and expensive) late lunch. this time we tried the restaurant next to where we had lunch before. we tried as much as possible to avoid meeting the owner of the restaurant before, as we saw him waiting in front of his shop, trying to get people to his place, and none showed any interest.

#tak sedap dan konpem la org tak nak pegi.

we walked on the other side of the street, made few turns etc. and then approaching the Halal Thais' restaurant from other side, and yet he still managed to catch our glimpse and waved his hand to us and called us for dinner. we politely declined and then entered the restaurant that we aimed for.

it was around 8pm, the peak hours where everybody looking to have a great meal for the night. the restaurant was packed, and we saw few groups of Malaysians, i believe, filling almost every seat of the place. we saw an empty table, but yet to be cleaned, and decided to sit and wait for the staff to clean it up.

a guy came with menu and handed it over us, while he was cleaning the table. and before we had not made our mind, he already readied with the pen and paper to take our order.he made a big fuss when we gave hand signal to wait, and then mumbling something - we gotta be fast as it is a busy night for him. seriously, we were offended with his attitude. we just ignored him and asked him to come back later.

he came back with his thick face after we called him back to take the orders, and he was rude as kept giving the face whenever we asked about things on the menu etc. 

that was ain't good.

we talked about the next day plan while waiting for the food, and decided to go for visiting Dhoi Suthep, long-neck tribe village and try our luck visiting the Bao Sang village. I saw a poster in our hotel ; there was a festival going on at the Bao Sang village :)

we waited and waited, and finally the food arrived. it was late by malaysian Thai's restaurant standard....and the main course - the fish..was wrongly prepared. i mean, we ordered the lemon-steam fish, but the guy (another guy) brought us the sweet and sour garoupa. ah...

the tom-yum - average taste but generous with everything

the wrongly prepared sweet and sour garoupa

that was it! and i had my diva moment with the guy who delivered the food. i was not sure what was the issue - either the order was wrongly written or the fish was accidentally delivered to other table etc. it was a chaos as the guy who took our order didn't want to come to our table, and i saw him having an argument with the guy who delivered the food to us.

he apologized (the delivery guy) and asked us if we could accept the fish as it'd be long wait for the new order to be cooked etc. whatdehek? i was really mad with both attitudes and was insisted to meet the owner to complain, before came into my senses and then calm down to accept whatever it we were already too hungry.

#lagipun tak baik marah2 depan rezeki

the fried mix vegetable
we done with our dinner. it was supposed to be a good one, but the incident really set us back from enjoying our moment there. and worst..the guy who took the order came to our table when we asked for the bill. while doing his calculation etc. he TRIED to apologize ...and he spoke bahasa...but then i was too awesome to care his un-sincere apology. i mean, he didn't look at us straight when apologizing, and spoke like in a rush..trying to get away from us a.s.a.p.

we left the place and then headed to wander at the night market - Anusarn Market.

it is a typical night market that you could find at tourist spots. it carried the vibe..with interesting street food, souvenirs etc. and even the 'lady-boys' who gathered at few spots of the market, waiting for anything. ehemmm... it was weird seeing them. i mean, these men are huge/tall, dressed up like a cabaret dancer (like the 2-piece golden thing) etc. wandering and trying to draw the crowd attention to them. hehehe.

anyway...i know it was wrong to admit, but i think they were part of the attraction of the market as i saw tourists took pictures with them etc. like they were the street performers of the night market. ah..luckily there was no 'Chicago' musical moments starred by them.

#i didn't take any pictures as i was stunned. hahaha...

we walked around the night market, and made until the end part of the place..and found the 'rotee' stall already opened. it was the same 'pancake' or 'rotee' that sold in other part of thailand like krabi or phuket, if you did encounter ones.

important note - there are few stalls selling this rotee, and InsyaAllah, all are halal and sold by Thai's muslims. however, i noticed one of the stalls, using the eggs straight from the box-cart and obviously the egg shell was not washed properly - you know what i'm referring to. so pepandaila pilih gerai... (the one that we went, was ok)

next to the stall, there a stall selling this fresh-lime juice. like the fresh-jeruk juice in indonesia..

we found a stall that selling this 'unique' ice cream. it was prepared on the pouring the flavored ice-cream liquid-mix on this freezer pan..and voila...with few twists etc... the ice cream is ready!

it was fun to watch i thought it was quite an art. hahaha. but didn't we order anything as knew it was not halal and we were too full with the dinner and also the rotee.

we didn't do any shopping yet as it was our first night there. and we wandered for a while only, enough to do quick 'screening' on what interesting to look at and to buy etc., as for sure we'd visiting this place again and again for the next few nights.we decided to go back to the hotel, but then made a de-tour to the massage-parlour next to our hotel. a proper place, and with a proper hanky panky okeh..hehe. i decided to try the traditional thai massage. it was good, despite the torturing ... i mean you how thai massage been done..with lot of stretching etc. instead of stroking..huhuhu. 

we bid farewell for the night after made the confirmation on the next day trip with our taxi driver, Prem. gonna be a long day, tomorrow ...


  1. agip

    cantik la gambo malam kau ni wey.

    apsal kau terkesimarama tgk lady boy tu? sebab jelita mengalahkan megan fox ek

    1. tq meng. main snap jer. anyway...megan fox? haha...agakla kan..sbb megan fox pun ada one side..look like cam pondan gaks. but the truth is..aku impressed diaorg bole fit dlm tiny 2-piece cabaret costume...hahahaha

  2. Janganlah marah2 bang.. hahha

    EEE... telur ayam tidak dibasuh. Haha. Bayankan tahi2 ayam tu kat kulit telur tu lepas tu dipecahkan atas rotee.. hmmm yumm. hahaha

    1. haha..aku lapar la bro.

      anyway..tak sanggup bayangkan...sbb memang insiden tu terjadi...masa aku tgh tgu order..erghhhh

  3. adehh!

    aku bayangkan je! taksangka real plak! hahah

  4. A lady boy roaming around in the market? Biar betul wei! Never thought of that and I guess, it's not a common scene and scenario in Thailand Night Market pun kan?

    1. betul zaraab. all the 3 nights we went there...ade jer satu group neh...haha..siap pakai 2 pieces lagi...abes ilmu i..hehe


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