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my entry on the elephant camp visit got response from so-called animal lover, hence flooding my comment box with videos on the barbaric treatment the animals received. please don't. i already put the disclaimer on my write-up and i don't need people to preach me, especially these days when almost everything on the net can't be trusted. peace.

anyway. i had too much on my plate these days and i lost the urge to write.pardon me.

'it is a good hotel sir. the owner is muslim. halal food!' prem told us when we told him that we'd be staying at People Place hotel. well...after the incident at the elephant camp, i doubted on that.

check-in went in a breeze, but then no staff helped us to drag the bags to the upper floor. ah...abg ngah la yg kena buat semua menda neh. we booked the triple-sharing room. comfy enough for three of us...but the extra bed could do better. and abg ngah had to sleep on it. the mattress was too thin and soft, but it wasn't a big deal for me who used to travel within this level of comfort.

we rested for a while, freshen up after a long day (since 3am), and had our jama' pray, before went out for our late lunch. the best thing about the hotel - it is located next to the famous Anusarn Night Market of Chiang Mai, and the 'halal' restaurants were like everywhere there.

it was still early (4pm) and the night market had not started yet. we walked along the street, and suddenly greeted with 'assalamualaikum' as we took a peek at the first 'halal' restaurant we saw. ah..the owner was sitting at the chairs in front of the shop, having a chat with other restaurant's worker...and saw and greeted us.

i think he is from middle east, or india. he started doing his marketing - well..telling about all things in the menus etc. late lunch, meant starving for us, hence explained our clueless-ness to object his offer to eat at his restaurant. anyway...we are briyani's lovers, so when he recommended the briyanis, we could not resist. and we ordered only 2 plates of briyani - mutton and chicken, as he said the portion would be enough for us.

Malaysian Teh Tarik - yes...that is the name in the menu was such a disappointment. i mean..the portion was small...and the mutton briyani - a big failure. see the picture above...the meat was under the rice...and almost untraceable. we just had to bear and did our fake smile enjoying the meal whenever the owner passed by...rezeki..tak baek marah2..and we were thinking to get the famous 'rotee' to fill in the gap later.

my verdict - pricey and the taste was just so-so. you can avoid this is the first halal restaurant if you come from the People Place Hotel...but pardon me, i forgot the name.

we walked further along the street of the night market foothold. it was still early, and only few stall owners started to set-up their place etc. we were searching for any 'rotee' stall as the late lunch seemed not enough for us.

too bad. none of the 'rotee' stalls opened yet. we decided to walk back to the hotel. we saw one of the massage parlors already opened and receiving customers. we stopped by and had a quick foot massage there. it was my lil' sister first experience, and it was hell an experience for she had to bear with the pain etc. hehe. 

we went back to the hotel, and continued to rest while waiting for maghrib.  



  1. I noticed that a few halal restaurants in Thailand overcharge their foreign customers. I don't know if it is true or if it's just me.

    1. hmm..bab tu aku x perasan. but kalau kat chiang mai neh..kdai2 arab neh yg overcharge. the halal-thai food yg aku pegi time dinner tu..still ok la harga dia. hehe

    2. Khai, I do agree with Agip. Normally, those kedai2 Arab and Indian ni yang selalu overcharged. Those local Halal - Thai is still within reasonable price. Regardless whether its in Chiang Mai, Krabi, Phuket or etc.


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