table for two

table for two
Aseana Cafe, 2011
Breakfast with friends
iphone, lemecam

one of those days, where we had extra money in our pocket and wanted to try something fancier than Hameed and Nasi Lemak Adik of level 2, KLCC. the ambient was good, the service was ok, but the food now no longer an epic as what it used to be. well..relatively to the price that we had to pay. even the extra sambal was charged.



  1. yup... agree dgn ko bro. one of those days kalo ada extra money nak splurge kt kedai2 mahal just for the sake of experience it.

    1. kan kan kan. for sake of experience. btw..few years back, food kat aseana nih best gakla..tapi skrg nih cam kureng sket.

      anyway..dh start kelas blum john? hehe. all the best.

  2. hahah esok start bro! nebes mcm nk masuk darjah satu je nih. ahaks. thanks bro!


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