staying strong

#staying strong

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Allah test us in many ways. and as i remember, He won't test us with things that we'd never able to deal with.sometimes He tests us indirectly, as a reminder.

my auntie...she just went through 3 surgeries for the past 2 weeks - back to back, to take out the 0.5kg tumor, and then 2 amputation surgeries on her left leg.

and yesterday i just received the news from my cousin, from the tumor sample taken, she has been diagnosed with cancer. and it is a rare type where chemo and radiography won't help.i went dizzy for a while, as i was shocked and speechless, i never thought such things would happened to our family members.

i used to hear the 'joke' about 'what if we know when we would die?'. i people would greet and ask you the date etc. but when my cousin told me, she has limited time now...i went nuts. 

i does it feel to know that you're going to die soon.

i know, Ajal itu ketentuan Allah. 

i only can pray. and give our best support to her and family.


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