rose of the north - a prelude

pink sakura blossoming

we got a weird + frowning face from our driver, when we said we wanted to see sakura/cherry blossom in this part of the world.

'you should go to Japan if you wanted to see sakura', prem (short name for premsak), our driver said to us. he was actually, had no idea about sakura thing, and it took a while for him to figure out where and where. i told him about the agricultural institute of one of the university there, that planted the trees etc. and again, he was clueless.

well. nothing wrong being at the right time, and trying to be at the right place. it was a sakura/cherry blossom week, as forecasted (yes...the agricultural institute there share the forecast), and we were lucky as i changed my flight to that weekend. if we were to come a week later, we might miss the whole thing.




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