i was on my MH2542 yesterday, and read about the news as i was waiting for friend to settle the car rental thing at the counter. i was just fresh from proving that no such 'nasi lemak telanjang' thing, when i was onboard earlier - i had nasi lemak sambal sotong, complete with the bilis and kacang etc. , and read the headlines.

i think, my earlier reaction was more like what Zed Zaidi had - biar betul? after satu2 org duk cite pasal MAS, now pesawat hilang?

well. the good thing is, i am no longer a keyboard warrior...and in fact i was not that sadistic back then, so the thought was only playing in my head. it was part of my subconcious, as at that point of time, it was told as missing - none said - crashed, emergency landing etc.

bukan nak back-up zed zaidi. but i think if you feel that you are more rational than him, why bother and playing the nemesis to him and attacking him? the guy already said sorry. and playing the nemesis, making u no less than him. period.

i am more offended to read the news from unconfirmed sources etc. as much as you don't have faith in our official news portal, at least again please be rational - take a breath, think..before you spread the news. 

i am more even annoyed when watching the pc about this yesterday, listening the 'provoking questions' from the reporters, particularly from some. how could a question like 'do you think we capable to search the area at night? are you confident' (more or less), being thrown to the frowning face of the people in front, who had a lot to think and do, just to give us the best what they could to everybody.

#ko ingat ini pc haneez suraya ke?

i am sad to see those who think they are religious even attacking MAS - inila bala, buat perniagaan tak ikut syariat...serves arak..pramugari seksi etc. (more or less)  - why do we have such people?

i safely arrived KLIA earlier this afternoon. the haze ... ah...same like before i left. but i hope it won't reflect on the good news that we hope to be heard sooner or later. yes...i'm trying to be positive. i had a lot of things happened, for this month, which really makes me taking time to think and reflect.

yes. let us pray for MH370. amin.


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