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pulau kapas, Jun 2008
fuji superia 100, dynax 7 with 50mm f1.7

i was on way back from KLIA with efa this afternoon. knowing that tomorrow is monday and i already have things to be submitted by 10am, kills the glimpse of joy i had over our weekend trip.

i love to close my eyes and imagine that i am at the beach.
walking along it. listening to the sound of the waves etc.

my off-the-beaten-path trip probably may not be materialized due to my current work commitment, but by hook by crook, i think i gotta go for a beach holiday sooner or later.

bali? mabul? maldives? krabi?


  1. bali ? again???? biar betik.... ada marka ka sana?? hahaha. lama x pegi pulau kapas.. kena balik italy nih !

    1. hehe. tade plan pun lg meng. just terpk jer..since kalau adhoc ni..aku biasa akan ke destination yg familiar jer. marka? sangkut dgn org bali bahye ooo...aku prefer sangkut org2 sunda kat bandung...untung2 cam luna maya. haha


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