a delegate abroad (p9) - the coffee seller

the coffee seller of Souq Waqif

the coffee seller
for several nights i'd been to the souq, the guy caught my attention with his fancy outlook and skill when serving the coffee to those who bought it. it was acrobatically fancy enough. eheh!

i went again to the souq on my last night in Doha and made a stop as about to pass him. i stood at the alley of the building in front of him and started to focus my camera on him. since it was a busy night, people were flocking the boulevard and increased their chances to be in my shot. 

it went too long and suddenly i heard him shouted ' brother! please don't!'.

ah..i was stunned for a while, as knowing an icon like him could be offended by a tourist like me. so i stopped, as just being courteous, and didn't want to make any scene.

well... i could just hide behind the pillars and wait for another moment...


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