a delegate abroad (p8) - a night at the corniche

Qatar Islamic Cultural Centre

i made another visit to Souq Waqif after came back from City Centre Mall to do some last minute shopping - fridge magnets, in particular. i already eyed on fews sold at the shops along the main boulevard of the souq. i bought also few packs of chocolates and nuts - almonds, pistachios etc. friend also asked me to buy her abaya, and another friend texted me to buy 5 more pashminas for him. 

#spoil betul ngangkut barang2 org neh...

on the way back to Arumaila, i passed part of the souq where, there were few stalls selling food etc. and decided to give a try to this kind of qatari-street food. friends tried the briyani before and said it was ok, and cheap.

i bought chicken briyani for dinner which cost me 10 riyals and this 'crepe' look alike thing for 2 riyal if not mistaken. i heard the ladies spoke to each other while wrapping my order, and it sounds familiar. and in fact they didn't look like qatari. i assume they were indonesian and i asked them to assure.

'Philipine', short answer. and they gave me a look.and i had 2nd thought about the food. despite they were wearing hijab etc., i was quite sure these people were not muslim.

i didn't finish the meal. it was more because of my 'was-was'.

it was still early. and i decided to go out and wandering along the corniche, after had my isya' pray.

surprisingly, it was a quiet night at the corniche. i thought the locals love to spend time with the family here, especially the night before the weekend (friday night). i saw few people, tourists, i guess, wandering around the corniche too, with their camera. even saw, one of them with tripod etc.

Museum of Islamic Art at night

i walked from the Souq, along the corniche, until the MIA. the museum already closed, but visitor were allowed to wandering within the park etc.i decided to go back, after a while. the night seemed colder with the wind. probably the reason, not many people wandering around. 

i made another stop at Souq Waqif, just to enjoy my last glimpse before leaving Doha, early morning of the next day. 



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