a delegate abroad (p10) - leaving doha


wandering between the alleys of Souq Waqif

Doha at night

i woke up at 5am, as hearing the azan from the musolla nearby the hotel. after clean up myself, pray and did my final packing on the stuff etc. , i went down to the lobby. there was no one at the desk, but i could see the front desk manager on duty was in the room at the back as the door was opened. he noticed me waited at the table and went out to greet me.

my transport to the airport yet to arrive, so i waited further, wandering at the lobby, watching the early morning life of the souq from the window. it was still dark, but i saw people, probably the construction workers, walking around, after had subuh pray at the musolla.

the car finally arrived. it was a honda accord this time.

i bid farewell to Arumaila, and made my way to the airport. it was a calm morning in Doha and the ride to the airport pretty much the same as when i arrived few days back. fast but not furious. hehe. i told the driver to drop me at the premium terminal, as i didn't want to take the risk dragging my luggage etc. crossing the road to the terminal, in case he drop me at the main terminal.

it was a busy morning, as i had few vehicles in front of my transport, dropping passengers at the foyer. and because of that, none of the staff able to entertain me and my luggage. i had to drag my luggage by myself to the counter, and had to queue for a while. the passengers in front of me were fussy, particularly the rich arab family that flying premium. with their 'macam nak pindah rumah' luggages, and their wants etc. , the counter staff had to entertain them longer than usual.

as mentioned, i didn't have the privilege to have a concierge to look out for my luggage etc. and had to queue, while others with ones, were waiting happily at the sofa until their concierges called them.

#emo jap

the check-in went in a breeze. well...being a person who hate being fussy.

i went straight to the immigration, as i wanted to rest and had my breakfast at the lounge. and surprisingly, i was greeted friendly by the lady staff at the immigration counter. probably because i was flying premium..and they had to put the friendly face there instead of puaka tebing biru.

i left my hand luggage and jacket at the storage room, and went to the lounge. i saw few 'malaysian', judging from their face, wandering around the cafe etc. but then as usual..everybody playing the stranger role.

i found my spot, and sit down. i waited for a while, wondering whether the staff would come and serves me. back in 2009, i remember me and suza were greeted and then taken to our seat and then served well. but this time, i had to call them to ask for coffee and juice etc. probably, because it was a busy morning..and the place, particularly the cafe was bustling with everybody.

it was around 6am, and was too early to have a heavy meal. i decided to settle with the pancake, bread and yogurt. gosh...it was gorgeous! especially the yogurt. 

the yummeh apricot flavour yogurt!

i didn't stay long for the breakfast as i decided to went down and wandering at the lounge-shop. eyeing on something different like the 'middle east limited edition' perfume etc. , but the price was too high, and i saw the queue at the counter was long enough to make me miss my flight.

i waited in front of the boarding gate, and at 7am, it was opened and we were directed to the bus, to be transferred to our plane. and while waiting, i saw again the familiar faces - malaysians boarding on the same bus. but everybody was playing stranger. sigh.

the bus departed from the terminal, and made its way to the plane. i waited while enjoying the busy morning of Doha airport, and waited again. it felt forever to arrive at where our plane was parked. it was literally felt like, you were taking the transit bus from KLIA to LCCT. that long!

i boarded on the plane, and i had window seat this time. i passed my jacket to the flight attendant to be hung. while settling myself on the seat etc. a lady stopped at the seat next to me, and it was hers. a malaysian lady, who had been working in Doha for the past 1 year, and back for good.

i tried to be friendly, but i guess when you were travelling premium, it meant privacy. she didn't talk much and started to delve into her own world when she put the headphones and flipping the menu of the oryx in flight entertainment.

#even muke2 malaysia yg lain dalam flight tu..semua cam buat hal sendirik jer. tetiba stress plak. haha.

i spent the next 7 hours, enjoying all the premium class could offer me. the food, the entertainment etc. and i only slept for a while.

ready to eat

the flight attendant that assigned to look after our row was a Thai, but she was a friendly lady, much better than the Eastern Europe lady that served me when i was flying to Doha. Despite her larger than usual, thick-frame spectacles, made her look like Michelle Chamuel of the the voice season 4, hence me chuckled, she was a top notch.

i just disappointed when my request to have prawn caviar for my entree was denied because of they only had 4 plates prepared, and all taken, including one by the 'kerek' lady next to me. the flight attendant suggested me to try an entree with a fancy name, a signature from their guest chef. i didn't read it properly, and only to note that..my entree was a plate of fruits. sigh...

my so called signature entree dish from the guest chef

i had banana crepe for the main. it was good!

banana crepe

after the meal, the lady next to me started to pull her blanket and turned her seat to flat-bed. i decided to watch movie, and i ended up watching 'Man of Steel'.i drank a lot of water, to counter the dehydration when flying, but then i had problem when i needed to go to the toilet as the lady next to me already in her rem, having a sweet dream on the flat-bed seat. gosh...i had to bear for a while, until a point that i decided to walk over her. haha. 

#langkah panjang

it was time for another meal. and i had this noodle thing. taste like mee goreng..but comes with prawn and scallop. nice touch..and i bet it'd taste better with chili pickle. hehehe.

i looked out of the window. it was a golden hour!. another 1++ hour to arrive.

it took a while before the flight to land, due to the heavy traffic. and we ended arriving 30 minutes late.

#ah...malaysia tanahairku....


  1. imagine masa nak langkah tu then terjatuh atas minah kerek tu? siap dgn posisi tak leh blah.


    1. aku dh nk terkencing aa time tuh. kalau jatuh..konpem pancut atas dia kang. hahaha


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