staying connected ... and losing connection

anecdote 1
it was my 'lazy' day, when i overslept and then was too late to drive, before the early-bird deadline for the car park. i took the train to the office today, and it has been a very long day. i only left office after maghrib today.

while walking towards the station, i saw a couple. well..actually friends of mine. walking together and holding hands (hubby n wife). i was too tired to say hello and just passed them by, and went straight to the queue.

entering the train, i went to my usual spot and spent my own time listening to my ipod. from the mirror's reflection i saw them again, standing just behind me. but this time, they were looking at their own phones.

like totally lost in their own world.

i just chuckled and wondering, whether they would only hold back their hands, and talked to each other once they arrived at their station ...

anecdote 2
the wifi free restaurant. like everywhere.
i used to be one of them, but i believe i wasn't that bad.

i mean. social outing meant for us to mingle, talk and update each other etc.
but when i notice friends started the conversation with 'ada wifi tak? ape password?' as soon as we lay down our asses on the chair...i just feel it is so wrong.

and once you get connected, you forgot the purpose of the meeting/gathering etc.

#order makan pun jadik lambat. sibuk nak update status!

anecdote 3
from the 2 Broke Girls

han : max! why did you ask the hipster to leave the diner! they are our customer.
max : well..han...i just don't want to find myself being in the background of their instagram later.



  1. and we connect on this topic :)

  2. sweet. we are losing connection though connected. couldn't agree more!

    1. hehe. when too much ain't that good.


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