anything other than ...

not in the mood to write about the trip. i just feel restless. due to work. i mean, upgrading seems eating me up. i worry too much, and i feel like a mess. the face is an obvious example. with my hair growing like an afro, and my 'susuk' now out everywhere on my face. i got remarks almost everyday from colleagues - eh...upgrading seems that bad on you?

well. whatever.

while i am still catching up with the latest episodes of TVD, and start my addiction on the spin-off i.e. The Originals, i happened to seek something from my old days. and i found this.

have you ever watch it?

probably, for an 'old' people like me, early 2000's stand out as the days where things feel making more sense. you don't have to overdo things. you don't have to try so hard to be different etc.

we looked deeper and talked more, than we stared at the screen.

from HIMYM

robin : dad! why didn't you tell me that you were getting married?!!!
dad : didn't you look at my fb? i updated my status!

ah..if only world now too virtual.

and. i have 8 more seasons to go. wanna join? 


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