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west bay of Doha

the convention ended already, and i decided to extend my stay in Doha for one more night. well... i could opt for the late check-out and taking the night flight, but i felt i wanted to wander around and see anything if i could explore more of the place.

obviously, the 4WD desert safari trip was no longer in the picture.i googled about the modern art museum and thought of going to visit it, as well as the hop-on hop-off bus etc.friends, who yet to leave, and taking the night plane, were planning to visit Villagio, and invited me to join them.

another mall?

i sighed for a while, as i think i had enough of the place, back in 2009 when i visited it with Suza, courtesy of MIO and his wife. but i guess, the place seemed in the check list for first timer and plus, our friends that work in Doha quoting it as a place to go.

friends only chuckled when i excitedly mumbled about the museums etc. and clearly told me ' we are not the goers. we want to shop!' hehe. and since i was agak mati kutu nak pegi mana, i decided to join them for the morning trip. well...in case there are something new there? 

going Villagio

i had breakfast at the canteen, early that morning..as i wanted to enjoy my time. no rush for the convention etc. and then i took a taxi to City Centre Mall of the West Bay, as we planned to meet there. both of my friends were staying at the hotels in the West Bay area.

it took a while to arrive the place, due to the traffic jam, caused by the construction.

while waiting friends for ages (due to the mis-communication), i saw few big 4WD parked in front of the entrance for drop off and pick up etc. the rich qatari seemed like they owned the place, and ruled things, as the mall guards, which obviously immigrants, were shoo'ed away by them. i saw one guard kept going to the same car asking the driver to move the car etc. , and had to ask another guard came etc. , but again, faced the same disappointment.

friends finally arrived, and then we left the place with taxi.

taxi driver : where are you going sir?
me : villagio mall 
taxi driver : ok
me : how much  normally it'd cost? ( as i saw the meter was not reset )
taxi driver : it's ok sir. anything you want to pay me (smiling)
friend : wait! stop the car. please use the meter.
taxi driver : it's ok sir. you pay me as much as you want to.
me : ok. if i pay you 10 riyal? (sarcarsm)
taxi driver : it's ok sir. (smile )

and we just followed the flow.

he told me that he is a bangladeshi, and he seemed delighted to know that we were from malaysia. well..asking about the job, he just said that he's ok with it.

and we finally arrived Villagio. it took a while...like almost an hour.. thought he was taking the longer route instead. i saw the meter, and made up the fee, by deducting the current from the last meter's balance - 30 riyal.

the taxi driver face changed, and said it was too cheap! and i quoted him back ' you said we can pay anything that we want to?'

taxi driver : it's low sir. in fact, this is private charter as i don't use meter. normally 50 riyal.

what now? sigh. suddenly he blurted all things.

as much as we wanted to argue, we didn't drag the argument as we knew that the fee would be around that if we were to use the meter. so we decided to pay him.

#lady friend was kesian with him

Villagio. well..nothing much changed since the last time i visited the place. and again, nothing interest me. just like other malls that i'd been. 

we just wandering around, and then friend mocking me as we couldn't find the 'luxury' wing where i saw the sports car gallery last time. i don't know, but i believe it was in Villagio where i went and saw it.

it was 12pm already, and we only spent 1 hour at Villagio and decided to leave as friends got to back to the hotel and check out etc.we took taxi back to the City Centre Mall, and yes..the fee was almost the same that we paid to the taxi driver earlier  around 50 riyal.

we had lunch at the food court of the mall. i tried this mutton bukhari - taste like typical mandy etc. it was good, but the set meal cost me almost 30 riyal. phew..

we went to the Carrefour inside the mall, and bought some packed nuts - pistachio, mixed etc. and also the dates. i even bought few doha t-shirts, as it was the only place i could find the mementos. not even souq waqif had it. the quality was ok and the price was around 20 riyal for adult shirt.

i bid farewell to friends as they gotta do final packing and check out etc. i took a taxi and left the mall, went back to Arumaila.



  1. Nanti aku akan transit Doha, taktau la nak kuar ke tak, hem..
    -Minda Eksekutif Muda Bercelaru-

    1. Hannan, kalau transit lama..aku rasa ok jer jejalan - Souq Waqif - MIA - Islamic Centre etc. within the same area. cuma aku x sure kalau transit..VOA still 100 riyal or not.


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